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Jordon Saffron: Taste This! Details


This is the comedic story of Jordon Saffron (Sergio Myers), the big time, big ego chef of Hollywood who uses his secret ingredient to “make women orgasm” over his food. But soon, his big ego, too much partying and not enough cooking means Saffron loses his girlfriend Nikki (Rachel Hunter), his restaurant and cooking show partner (Steve Shirripa), including mysteriously his ability to taste his food. Shamed, he leaves Hollywood, and heads back to his home town of Chicago to work at his Dad’s pizza shop and try to discover where it all went wrong. His soul searching journey gives him a chance meeting to reconnect with his true love he left behind Audry (Anna Hagopian), with visits to a flamboyant psychic, an acupuncturist and psychiatrist and finds himself in a cook-off with his old rival, Kimmel the Spam King of Chicago (Jock L Schloss). All in the quest to get back his taste buds and his former glory.

  • Release date:September 18, 2009