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Jordon Saffron: Taste This! Details


An egotistical Hollywood chef finds his career going to pot after he loses his ability to taste food. Jordan Saffron's (Sergio Myers) cooking has the power to make women orgasm. Despite being skilled in the culinary arts, however, Saffron is an insufferable jerk whose penchant for partying like a rock star is about to get him into big trouble. Shortly after losing everything, Saffron is deprived of the one thing a chef values most -- his taste buds. In order to take stock of his life, the fallen chef retreats to Chicago and begins tossing pies at his father's pizzeria. Somewhere between reconnecting with his long-lost love, experimenting with acupuncture, and seeking the advice of a Windy City psychic, Saffron is convinced to participate in a cook-off with his old nemesis Kimmel, a chef whose prowess with Spam is the stuff of legend. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:September 18, 2009