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The Jokers Details


Two brothers looking to avoid becoming pawns of the establishment come up with a better way of making a living -- through theft -- in this satiric comedy. David Tremayne (Oliver Reed) is a successful London architect, and his younger brother Michael (Michael Crawford) is weighing his options after being kicked out of school. The brothers share a bemused disgust with the world around them and a desire to get through life without the burden of labor; toward this end, one day they begin plotting an elaborate scheme to steal the British Crown Jewels. Mind you, they don't intend to sell them, or even keep them very long -- the idea is to return them after a week, simply to prove that it could indeed be done, and make themselves famous in the process. After studying the procedures of Scotland Yard's Bomb Disposal Unit, the inner working of the Tower of London's Jewel Room, and the London ambulance services, the Tremaynes come up with a foolproof plan -- they call in a bomb threat to the Tower, and they are able to enter the Jewel Room posing as men from the bomb squad. They then feign injury and are able to escape in an ambulance. It all seems simple enough, and it actually works, until Michael "forgets" his part of the agreement to take half of the responsibility for the theft. The supporting cast includes Edward Fox, Frank Finlay, and Harry Andrews. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Michael Crawford
as Michael Tremayne
Oliver Reed
as David Tremayne
Harry Andrews
as Inspector Marryatt
James Donald
as Col. Gurney-Simms
Daniel Massey
as Riggs
Gabriella Licudi
as Eve
Michael Hordern
as Sir Matthew
Lotte Tarp
as Inge
Frank Finlay
as Harassed Man
Warren Mitchell
as Lennie
Ingrid Brett
as Sarah
Brian Wilde
as Sgt. Catchpole
Michael Goodliffe
as Lt. Col. Paling
William Devlin
as Brigadier
William Mervyn
as Uncle Edward
Kenneth Colley
as De Winter, the Chauffeur
Mark Burns
as Capt. Browning
Brook Williams
as Capt. Green
Brian Peck
as Policeman
Basil Dignam
as Bank Manager
Freda Jackson
as Mrs. Pervis
Edward Fox
as Lt. Sprague
Peter Gilmore
Nicky Henson
Julian Holloway
Victor Kendall
as Maj. Gen. Jeffcock
Tony Armstrong
Bernard Gribble
Marianne Stone
Edward Fox
as Lt. Sprague
Victor Kendall
as Maj. Gen. Jeffcock


Michael Winner
Maurice Foster
Dick Clement
Ian La Frenais
Ken Hodges
Johnny Pearson
Composer (Music Score)
Bernard Gribble
John Blezard
Art Director
Tony Armstrong
Costume Designer
Jim Hydes