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Johnny Dangerously Details


This spoof of the 1930s and '40s crime stories ranges from the ridiculous to the sublime as it tells the story of Johnny Dangerously (Byron Thames as the young Johnny, Michael Keaton as the older), a devoted son to his ailing mother (Maureen Stapleton), so ill that she needs money for several operations. Johnny has nowhere to turn, and because gangsters tend to flourish in his neighborhood he goes to work for Dundee, a benevolent godfather-gangster type, in order to cover his mother's medical bills. Johnny hides his association with Dundee from his younger brother Tommy (Griffin Dunne) and goes so far as to pay for Tommy's law school fees -- supporting him until Tommy joins the staff of the local (and corrupt) district attorney's office for Burr (Danny DeVito). When Johnny starts working for Dundee, he clashes with the evil Vermin (Joe Piscopo) right from the beginning, but things only get worse. After Dundee decides to retire, Johnny ascends to the helm, and it does not look like Vermin is going to take that sitting down. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi


Michael Keaton
as Johnny Dangerously
Joe Piscopo
as Vermin
Marilu Henner
as Lil
Maureen Stapleton
as Mom
Peter Boyle
as Dundee
Griffin Dunne
as Tommy
Richard Dimitri
as Maroni
Glynnis O'Connor
as Sally
Byron Thames
as Young Johnny
Danny DeVito
as Burr
Dom DeLuise
as The Pope
Ray Walston
as Vendor
Richard A. Roth
as Prisoner Rabbi
Chuck Hicks
as Governor
Hal Riddle
as Warden
Mike Bacarella
as Vito
Trisha Long
as Female Butler
Mike Finneran
as Prisoner
Will Seltzer
as Prisoner
Sudie Bond
as Cleaning Lady
Mike Fenton
Cynthia Szigeti
as Mrs. Capone
Hank Garrett
as Mayor
Georg Olden
as Young Vermin
Alan Hale, Jr.
as Desk Sergeant
Joy Michael
as Chorus Girl
Russell Forte
as Hood
Bob Eubanks
as M.C.
Carl Gottlieb
as Dr. Magnus
Gordon Zimmerman
Leonard Termo
as Tony Scarano
Shelley Pogoda
as Woman
Dean Miller
as Photographer
Frank Slaten
as Henchman
Jerome Michaels
as Reporter Diering
Rick Rosenthal
as Judge
Katie La Bourdette
as Blond Girl
Gary Watkins
as Manny
Ron Carey
as Pat
Scott Thomson
as Charley
Dick Balduzzi
as Prisoner
Jack Nance
as Priest
Neal Israel
as Dr. Zillman
Jane Feinberg
Elizabeth Arlen
as Girl on Steps
Jeffrey Weissman
as T-Shirt Vendor
Norman Steinberg
as Reporter Duffy
Dick Butkus
as Arthur


Amy Heckerling
Bud Austin
Michael Hertzberg
Lorenzo Semple, Jr.
Harry Colomby
Norman Steinberg
"Weird Al" Yankovic
Jerry Jost
Musical Direction/Supervision
Norman Gimbel
Pem Herring
Neil Machlis
Associate Producer
Harry Colomby
Executive Producer
Bud Austin
Executive Producer
Rick Simpson
Set Designer
Jerry Jost
Sound/Sound Designer
Timothy R. Sexton
Jesse Wayne
Marci Liroff
Mike Fenton
Jane Feinberg