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In a near-future world in which the fast-paced digital lifestyle has given rise to a worldwide plague called Nerve Attenuation Syndrome, Johnny (Keanu Reeves), a data courier, accepts an assignment that he hopes will allow him to pay for the restoration of the childhood memories he dumped in order to outfit his brain with the microchip necessary for him to carry out his profession. Narrowly escaping a Yakuza ambush in which his employers are killed and the mnemonic trigger capable of unlocking the data in his brain is partially destroyed, Johnny travels from Beijing to New Jersey, where he hopes to recover the data before "neural seepage" destroys his mind. Teaming up with would-be bodyguard Jane (Dina Meyer) and a rebel group known as the LoTeks who live in an abandoned bridge, he tries to outrun the assassins of mysterious businessman Takahashi (Beat Takeshi Kitano) -- and the Street Preacher (Dolph Lundgren), a bionic madman. Along the way, he meets a mysterious electronic entity, a sentient dolphin, and Spider (Henry Rollins), a cybernetics expert, all of whom attempt, with various degrees of success, to learn why the data in Johnny's head is so important. Science fiction author William Gibson's original short story Johnny Mnemonic helped usher in the age of cyberpunk when it appeared in Omni magazine in 1981; it later appeared in the collection Burning Chrome (alongside the story that provided the basis for Abel Ferrara's New Rose Hotel). Although Gibson himself wrote the screenplay for Johnny Mnemonic, the film diverges considerably from the story. Molly Mirrors, a recurring character in Gibson's fiction, was replaced by the figure of Jane to fend off licensing conflicts with any future film version of Neuromancer, the author's most celebrated novel. Other plot elements -- most notably the LoTeks' bridge habitat -- were borrowed from later Gibson fiction such as the novel Virtual Light. ~ Brian J. Dillard, Rovi


Awarded by
Genie Awards Leslie Shatz Best Sound 1996 Nominee
Genie Awards Nilo Rodis-Jamero Best Art Direction/Production Design 1996 Nominee
Genie Awards Douglas Ganton Best Sound 1996 Nominee


Keanu Reeves
as Johnny Mnemonic
Dolph Lundgren
as Street Preacher
Takeshi Kitano
as Takahashi
as J-Bone
Dina Meyer
Udo Kier
as Ralphy
Coyote Shivers
as Buddy
Silvio Oliviero
as Stick
Tracy Tweed
as Pretty
Falconer Abraham
as Yomamma
Von Flores
as Viet
Henry Rollins
as Spider
Denis Akiyama
as Shinji
Don Francks
as Hooky
Lynne Adams
as Rocket Launcher Yakuza
Barbara Sukowa
as Anna Kalmann
Gene Mack
as Laslo
Marlow Vella
as Lotek Kid


Don Carmody
William Gibson
Francois Protat
Brad Fiedel
Composer (Music Score)
Brad Fiedel
Ronald Sanders
Nilo Rodis-Jamero
Production Designer
Dennis Davenport
Art Director
Jean Desormeaux
Supervising Producer
Jean Desormeaux
Associate Producer
Staffan Ahrenberg
Executive Producer
B.J. Rack
Executive Producer
Robert Lantos
Executive Producer
Enrico Campana
Set Designer
Olga Dimitrov
Costume Designer
Leslie Shatz
Sound/Sound Designer
Douglas Ganton
Sound/Sound Designer
Rory Cutler
Special Effects
Michael Zenon
First Assistant Director
Vic Armstrong
John Buchan
Syd Mead
Visual Consultant
William Gibson
Short Story Author
Vic Armstrong
Second Unit Director
Linda Gill