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Jesus Vender Tilbage Details


Shortly after his 1970 success with the film Stille Dage i Clichy (Quiet Days in Clichy), director Jens-Jorgen Thorsen started trying to get Jesus Vender Tilbage (The Return) made. For the next twenty years, he kept at it when the money was available but had to cope not only with shortages of money, but an legal ban on the film in his native country of Denmark which was not revoked until 1990. In the face of these obstacles, he has put together a smoothly professional-looking film which seems to be intended to offend the religious sensibilities of a great many people. This satirical drama follows Jesus' career after he returns to earth to save it from environmental pollution. After a little exploration, he decides that Paris suits him just fine as a base of operations. When he gets entangled with a group of terrorists attempting to hijack a plane, he gets into serious trouble with the authorities, but one compensation for his troubles is that Jesus, the still-virgin Demiurge, finally gets to sample feminine carnal delights, which are offered to him by a lovely hijacker (Atlanta). When the authorities capture the hijackers, they assume that Jesus is their leader, and he is condemned to death. However, somehow the Pope (a despicable child molester) and Billy Graham (a bewildered fool) hear of his presence on the planet, and they scheme for his release, in return for a few miraculous favors. ~ Clarke Fountain, Rovi


Marco di Stefano
as Jesus
Jed Curtis
as The Pope
Jean-Michel Dagory
as Bum 1
Benny Hansen
as Bum 2
Paul Hagen
Pia Koch


Jesper Hom
Maurice Ravel
Featured Music
Viggo Bentzon
Production Designer
John Hilbard
Production Designer
Søren Skjær
Production Designer
John Hilbard
Executive Producer
Anders Refn
First Assistant Director