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Jeanne La Pucelle: Les Batailles Details


Jacques Rivette directed this richly detailed six-hour drama based on the story of Joan of Arc. In Part one, "Les Batailles," Jeanne the Maid (Sandrine Bonnaire) leaves her childhood home in Domremy after hearing what she is sure was the voice of God. She believes that she can help lead France to victory on the battlefield, and she persuades Charles, dauphin of France (Andre Marcon) to allow her to guide his troops. Part two, "Les Prisons," concerns the sad aftermath of Jeanne's defeat at Orleans. Jeanne is sent to prison, where in two separate trials she is tried for heresy and impersonating a man, with both her life and the sanctity of her mortal body at stake. A four-hour version, with each of the two parts trimmed down to two hours, is also available. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Sandrine Bonnaire
as Joan of Arc
Baptiste Roussillon
as Baudricourt
Didier Sauvegrain
as Raoul de Gaucourt
Jean-Pierre Lorit
as Jean d'Alencon
André Marcon
as Charles, dauphin of France
Jean-Louis Richard
as La Tremoille
Marcel Bozonnet
as Regnault de Chartres
Jean-Pierre Becker
as Jean d'Aulon
Stephane Boucher
as La Hire
Edith Scob
as Jeanne de Bethune
Claire Bacot
as Charlotte
Martine Pascal
as Yolande d'Aragon
Olivier Cruveiller
as Jean de Metz
Nathalie Richard
as Catherine de la Rochelle
Pierre Baillot
as Jacques Boucher
Catherine Bidaut
as Lady Boucher
Bruno Wolkowitch
as Gilles de Laval
Xavier Maly
as Xaintrailles
Jean-Claude Jay
as Jacques Alain
Yann Collette
as Jean de Luxembourg
Quentin Ogier
as Raymond
Reginald Huguenin
as Colet of Vienne
Wilfred Benaiche
as Mathieu Mesnage
Robert Lucibello
as Seguin Seguin
Bernadette Giraud
as Catherine Le Royer


Jacques Rivette
Martine Mariganc
Maurice Tinchant
Pascal Bonitzer
Christine Laurent
Jacques Rivette
William Lubtchansky
Florian Eidenbenz
Musical Direction/Supervision
Jordi Savall
Composer (Music Score)
Nicole Lubtchansky
Manu de Chauvigny
Production Designer
Daniele Boutard
Costume Designer
Christine Laurent
Costume Designer

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