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Jeanne Eagels Details


[[Performer~P53120~Kim Novak~kimnovak]] is clearly out of her depth as legendary Broadway actress [[Performer~P20939~Jeanne Eagels~jeanneeagels]], but one can't fault her for trying very hard. As this filmed biography gets under way, wide-eyed Eagels finds herself stranded in a tank town by a smooth-talking traveling salesman. Carnival operator Sal Satori hires Eagels as a kootch dancer, but her ambition is to become a serious dramatic actress. When she and Sal reach New York, she signs up for acting lessons under the tutelage of a Mme. Neilson ([[Performer~P50390~Agnes Moorehead~agnesmoorehead]]). Before long, Jeanne is understudying on Broadway, and in 1922 she takes audiences and critics by storm with her unforgettable portrayal of Sadie Thompson in Rain, a role she landed by ruthlessly double-crossing the actress originally slated for the part ([[Performer~P28741~Virginia Grey~virginiagrey]]). When her rival commits suicide, the chastened Jeanne turns to booze and drugs to assuage her conscience. The real-life [[Performer~P20939~Jeanne Eagels~jeanneeagels]] died of narcotics addiction in 1929, a fact that the Hollywood version skims over. [[Performer~P20939~Eagels~jeanneeagels]]' family sued Columbia Pictures over the "distortions" offered in Jeanne Eagels. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Kim Novak
as Jeanne Eagels
Jeff Chandler
as Sal Satori
Agnes Moorehead
as Mme. Neilson
Charles Drake
as John Donahue
Larry Gates
as Al Brooks
Virginia Grey
as Elsie Desmond
Gene Lockhart
as Equity Board President
Joe de Santis
as Frank Satori
Murray Hamilton
as Chick O'Hara
Nanette Fabray
as Teen Age Girl
June C. Ellis
as Mrs. Davidson
Carlyle Mitchell
as Equity Spokesman
Eleanor Audley
as Sob Sister
Florence MacAfee
as Mrs. McPhail
Frances Driver
as Maid
Gary Pagett
as Wise Teenager
George Neise
as Jerry the Traveling Salesman
Alyn Lockwood
as Rosalie Satori
Giselle D'Arc
as French Maid
Hal LeSueur
as Disgruntled Man
Doris Lloyd
as Mrs. Corliss
Frank Borzage
as Director
George Lewis
as Foreman
Will Wright
as Marshal
Richard Harrison
as Cpl. Hodgson
Michael Dante
as Sgt. O'Hara
Joe Turkel
as Eddie
Irving Mitchell
as Lawyer
Jean Vachon
as Middle-Aged Woman
Jennifer Lea
as Young Ingenue at Equity Trial
John Tarangelo
as Pvt. Griggs
Joseph Mell
as Kevin
Joy Stoner
as Girl
Judd Holdren
as Actor
Jules Davis
as Mr. Horn
Junius Matthews
as Court Clerk
Kenneth Gibson
as Middle-Aged Man
Lee Trent
as Leading Man on Equity Board
Leon Tyler
as Bellhop
Lillian Culver
as Equity Board woman
Lowell Gilmore
as Rev. Dr. Davidson
Myna Cunard
as Neilson Maid
Myrtle Anderson
as Jeanne's Maid
Raymond Greenleaf
as Elderly Lawyer
Richard Gaines
as Judge
Sheridan Comerate
as Actor/Confederate Officer
Theo Marcuse
as Dr. Richards
Tom Nolan
as Satori's Sons
Beulah Archuletta
as Mrs. Horn
Walter Ridge
as Barker
Ward Wood
as Stage Manager


George Sidney
George Sidney
Daniel Fuchs
John Fante
Sonya Levien
Robert Planck
Morris W. Stoloff
Musical Direction/Supervision
George Duning
Composer (Music Score)
Jerome Thoms
Viola Lawrence
Ross Bellah
Art Director
Jean Louis
Costume Designer