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Jean-Philippe Details


A bourgeois office drone whose raison d'état is the music of French rocker Johnny Hallyday awakens one day in an alternate universe where the famed musician never recorded a single song. When he's not at the office dutifully plugging-away, Fabrice (Fabrice Luchini) lives a deadly dull life in the suburbs of Paris with his bored wife (Guilaine Londez) and rebellious teenage daughter (Elodie Bollee). The only thing that ignites passion in Fabrice's lifeless existence is the music of Johnny Hallyday, and every chance the smitten Fabrice gets he ventures up into the attic to worship at the shrine he has built to the larger-than-life pop icon. One night while drunkenly shuffling home, Fabrice goads on a quick-tempered neighbor and earns a stiff punch in the nose for his efforts. Upon awakening to discover that his elaborate rock star shrine is now a simple collection of beer cans, Fabrice calls to report a burglary to police. Strangely enough, no one - not even the police or his wife - has ever heard the name Johnny Hallyday. Subsequently, Fabrice makes it his mission in life to locate Hallyday and get him behind a microphone by any means necessary. Though the world's biggest Johnny Halliday fan does indeed eventually stumble across a bowling alley proprietor (Hallyday) who was once an aspiring teenage rock star, he soon finds his efforts to revive the failed singer's career thwarted in the most unexpected of ways. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:April 5, 2006


Laurent Tuel
Marc Fiszman
Olivier Delbosc
Marc Missonnier
Christophe Turpin
Denis Rouden
Renan Gerodolle
Composer (Music Score)
Jean-Pierre Arquie
Composer (Music Score)
Valerie Deseine
Arnaud de Moleron
Production Designer
Eric Boqueho
Associate Producer
Pascaline Chavanne
Costume Designer
Cyril Holtz
Sound/Sound Designer
Marc Doisne
Sound/Sound Designer
Olivier Coutard
First Assistant Director
Philippe Page