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Jailhouse Rock Details


One of the best of [[Performer~P107032~Elvis Presley~elvispresley]]'s pre-Army films, Jailhouse Rock offers us the sensual, "dangerous" [[Performer~P107032~Elvis~elvispresley]] that had won the hearts of the kids and earned the animosity of their elders. [[Performer~P107032~Presley~elvispresley]] plays a young buck who accidentally kills a man while protecting the honor of a woman. Thrown into prison, [[Performer~P107032~Elvis~elvispresley]] strikes up a friendship with visionary fellow-con [[Performer~P64895~Mickey Shaughnessy~mickeyshaughnessy]]. [[Performer~P64895~Shaughnessy~mickeyshaughnessy]] suggests that [[Performer~P107032~Elvis~elvispresley]] perform in the upcoming prison show. Ol' swivel-hips scores a hit, and decides to stay in showbiz after his release. Together with pretty [[Performer~P72278~Judy Tyler~judytyler]] (the former Princess Summerfall Winterspring on [[Feature~V23749~Howdy Doody~howdydoody[tvseries]]], who would die in a horrible traffic accident shortly after completing this film), [[Performer~P107032~Elvis~elvispresley]] sets up his own record company. Alas, success goes to his head, and soon [[Performer~P107032~Elvis~elvispresley]] plans to ditch [[Performer~P72278~Tyler~judytyler]] in favor of signing with a big-time label. [[Performer~P64895~Shaughnessy~mickeyshaughnessy]] shows up long enough to punch out [[Performer~P107032~Elvis~elvispresley]] for his disloyalty; as a result, [[Performer~P107032~Elvis~elvispresley]]' vocal chords are damaged and he is unable to sing. Deserted by his flunkeys and hangers-on, [[Performer~P107032~Elvis~elvispresley]] learns the value of friendship and fidelity when [[Performer~P72278~Tyler~judytyler]] and [[Performer~P64895~Shaughnessy~mickeyshaughnessy]] stay by his side in his darkest hours. His voice restored, [[Performer~P107032~Elvis~elvispresley]] climbs back up the charts--but this time, he's a much nicer fellow, and a lot more committed to [[Performer~P72278~Tyler~judytyler]]. Usually the musical numbers in a [[Performer~P107032~Presley~elvispresley]] picture (this one has a doozy, complete with chorus boys dressed as convicts!) are more compelling than the plot. Jailhouse Rock is a perfect balance of song and story from beginning to end; seldom would [[Performer~P107032~Elvis~elvispresley]] be so well showcased in the future. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:October 17, 1957


Elvis Presley
as Vince Everett
Judy Tyler
as Peggy Van Alden
Mickey Shaughnessy
as Hunk Houghton
Vaughn Taylor
as Mr. Shores
Jennifer Holden
as Sherry Wilson
Dean Jones
as Teddy Talbot
Anne Neyland
as Laury Jackson
Dorothy Abbott
as Woman in Restaurant
Percy Helton
as Sam Brewster
William Forrest
as Studio Head
Elizabeth Slifer
as Cleaning Woman
Dick Rich
as Guard
Gloria Pall
as Stripteaser
Don Burnett
as Mickey Alba
Grandon Rhodes
as Prof. August Van Alden
Katherine Warren
as Mrs. Van Alden
William Tannen
as Record Distributor
George Cisar
as Jake the Bartender
John Indrisano
as Convict
Wilson Wood
as Record Engineer
Carl Milletaire
as Drummond
Glenn Strange
as Mr. Simpson
Hugh Sanders
as Warden
Robin Raymond
as Dotty
Dan White
as Paymaster
Fred Coby
as Bartender
Harry Hines
as Hotel Clerk
Robert Bice
as Bardeman, TV Studio Manager
Donald Kerr
as Photographer
Frank Kreig
as Drunk


Richard Thorpe
Pandro S. Berman
Ned Young
Screen Story
Sid Tepper
Ben Weisman
Aaron Schroeder
Jeff Alexander
Musical Direction/Supervision
Jerry Lieber
Abner Silver
Ralph Winters
Randall Duell
Art Director
Kathryn Hereford
Associate Producer
Keogh Gleason
Set Designer
Henry W. Grace
Set Designer
Arnold A. Gillespie
Special Effects
Alex Romero
William J. Tuttle