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On the eve of their 50th anniversary, a couple argue about whether or not to reveal a story from the husband's past that explains how they met and came to be married. We flashback to the mid-1890's and Larry Stevens' (Dick Powell) first day on the job as a reporter for a New York newspaper -- celebrating his release from writing obituaries with a few too many beers, he and his colleagues start to listen to aging newspaper employee Pop Benson (John Philliber) talk about the past and the future, and the fact that to him they're interchangeable. Larry goes out with his friends to check out a clairvoyant act featuring Cigolini, a phony Italian mystic (Jack Oakie), and a very pretty woman assistant, Sylvia Smith (Linda Darnell). He starts to woo Sylvia, who resists his charms, before heading back to the newspaper, where he meets Pop, who hands him what he says is the newspaper he wanted -- it's only later that Larry realizes that he has tomorrow night's newspaper, and that one story concerns a robbery at the opera house. He gets to the performance that night, with Sylvia accompanying him (at first unwillingly) and witnesses the robbery, writing it up before the police can even leave the scene. His editor (George Cleveland) is ecstatic, but police inspector Mulrooney (Edgar Kennedy) wants to know how Larry knew about the robbery. Sylvia tries to protect him by claiming that she predicted it in her act, and to cover herself and Larry she predicts the drowning of a woman that night in the river. Meanwhile, Larry meets Pop again, who tells him of tomorrow's paper and its account of his attempted rescue of a drowning woman -- he later realizes that the woman is Sylvia, attempting to save him and having to fake a drowning to convince the police of her predictions; he runs to the river and dives in to rescue her. By this time, the two of them are totally involved with each other emotionally, but now Larry must face a new threat. Pop appears again and hands him a newspaper from the next day, which includes a front page story about Larry being shot and killed at the St.George Hotel. Larry vows to avoid the hotel at all costs, and even tries to get some good out of the paper by betting on the winners in five consecutive horse races that afternoon; but it seems that no matter what he does to stay away, he's destined to be at the hotel, at the appointed time. ~ Bruce Eder, Rovi

  • Release date:May 28, 1944


Awarded by
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Jack Whitney Best Sound 1944 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Robert Stolz Best Score - Drama or Comedy 1944 Nominee


Dick Powell
as Larry Stevens
Linda Darnell
as Sylvia
Jack Oakie
as Cigolini
Edgar Kennedy
as Inspector Mulrooney
Edward S. Brophy
as Jake Schomberg
George Cleveland
as Mr. Gordon
Paul Guilfoyle
as Shep
George Chandler
as Bob
Eddie Acuff
as Jim
Marion Martin
as Nurse
Jack Gardner
as Reporter
Emma Dunn
as Mrs. Keever
Eddie Coke
as Sweeney
John Philliber
as Pop Benson
Robert E. Homans
as Mulcahey
Sig Rumann
as Mr. Beckstein
Robert E. Homans
as Mulcahey
John Philliber
as Pop Benson
Eddie Coke
as Sweeney


René Clair
Arnold Pressburger
Dudley Nichols
René Clair
Howard Snyder
Archie J. Stout
Robert Stolz
Composer (Music Score)
Robert Stolz
Musical Direction/Supervision
Fred Pressburger
Rene Hubert
Costume Designer
Jack Whitney
Sound/Sound Designer
Lord Dunsany
Short Story Author