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Love at first sight has some interesting repercussions a few months down the line in this offbeat romantic comedy. Ira Black (Chris Messina) is a wildly neurotic thirtysomething who can't get his life in gear -- the son of a pair of therapists, Arlene (Judith Light) and Seymour (Robert Klein), Ira still hasn't finished his grad school dissertation, he's been in therapy for 12 years, and can't bring himself to settle down with his longtime girlfriend Lea (Maddie Corman). When both Lea and his analyst inform Ira that they don't want to see him anymore, he decides he needs to make some changes. Ira joins a health club, where he meets Abby Willoughby (Jennifer Westfeldt), who is supposed to sell memberships to the gym but is much better at listening to people's problems. The two discover they have a strong and immediate rapport, and Ira asks Abby to marry him only a few hours later. Abby says yes, and soon the couple are wed. However, it isn't until after they've been married for a few weeks that Ira discovers Abby has been divorced twice already, and it makes him very uneasy about their relationship. Despite more therapy, Ira asks Abby for a divorce, and it sends shock waves through their families -- Arlene begins having an affair with Michael (Fred Willard), Abby's free-spirited father, while Seymour commiserates with Abby's mother Lynne (Frances Conroy), and eventually parents and children are all meeting together in group therapy for couples. Ira and Abby was written by leading lady Jennifer Westfeldt, who was also screenwriter and star for the independent hit Frances Conroy. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:September 14, 2007


Chris Messina
as Ira Black
Jennifer Westfeldt
as Abby Willoughby
Frances Conroy
as Lynne Willoughby
Fred Willard
as Michael Willoughby
Judith Light
as Arlene Black
Robert Klein
as Seymour Black
Maddie Corman
as Lea
Jason Alexander
as Dr. Saperstein
David Margulies
as Dr. Friedman
Donna Murphy
as Dr. Goldman
Chris Parnell
as Dr. Silverberg
Darrell Hammond
as Dr. Rosenblum
Kali Rocha
as Tracey
Peter Hirsch
as Dr. Goldberg
Ilana Levine
as Dr. Finkelstein
Brad Bellamy
as Henry
Marylouise Burke
as Janice
Michael Patrick McGrath
as Tony
Kevin Sussman
as Lenny
Matthew Del Negro
as Seth


Robert Cary
Brad Zions
Jennifer Westfeldt
Harlan Bosmajian
Marcelo Zarvos
Composer (Music Score)
Jim Black
Musical Direction/Supervision
Jim Black
Composer (Music Score)
Phillip J. Bartell
Raymond Kluga
Production Designer
Declan Baldwin
Stu Pollard
Associate Producer
Jennifer Westfeldt
Executive Producer
Jorge M. Perez
Executive Producer
Ilana Levine
Executive Producer
Douglas G. Smith
Executive Producer
Catherine Davis
Set Decorator
Doug Hall
Costume Designer
Jay Nierenberg
Sound/Sound Designer
David Vaccari
Bernie Telsey