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A man who may be on the verge of death quickly takes a thorough look at his life in this drama. Vincent Eastman (Richard Gere) is speeding along a mountain road in Canada when, while swerving to avoid a stalled van, he discovers that he's about to run headfirst into a trailer truck. As he's about to suffer a potentially fatal accident, Vincent finds himself flashing back on the events of his life -- most notably his relationships with his wife Sally (Sharon Stone), his mistress Olivia (Lolita Davidovich), and his daughter Meaghan (Jenny Morrison). While Vincent genuinely cares for Sally, he finds her cold and unemotional, but while the free-spirited Olivia has a passion for life that Sally lacks, Vincent can't bring himself to leave his wife for her. All parties involved feel that Vincent is hurting Meaghan with his inability to commit himself one way or the other, and his friend Neal (Martin Landau), a partner in his architectural firm, warns him that it is wrong for a man to live under two roofs at once. Intersection was an American adaptation of the 1970 French drama Les Choses de la Vie. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Richard Gere
as Vincent Eastman
Sharon Stone
as Sally Eastman
Lolita Davidovich
as Olivia Marshak
Martin Landau
as Neal
David Selby
as Richard Quarry
Lynn Stalmaster
Ron White
as Charlie
Jon Cuthbert
as Cop
Kevin McNulty
as Developer
Mark Roberts
as John Graham
Gary Chalk
as Paramedic
Christine Lippa
as Step Magazine
Susan Astley
as Woman in Waiting Room
Alan C. Peterson
as Semi Driver
Gary Jones
as Step Magazine
Robyn Stevan
as Step Magazine
Scott Bellis
as Van Driver
Timothy Webber
as Truck Driver
Keegan Macintosh
as Van Driver's Son
Betty Phillips
as Edwina
Matthew Walker
as Surgeon
Thomas Heaton
as Grandfather
Jay Brazeau
as Businessman
Eli Gabay
as Step Magazine
Suki Kaiser
as Diner Waitress
Tim Battle
as Draftsman
Veena Sood
as Intern
Ron Chartier
as Resident
Denalda Williams
as Step Magazine


Mark Rydell
Mark Rydell
Bud Yorkin
David Rayfiel
Paul Guimard
Book Author
Marshall Brickman
Laszlo George
Vilmos Zsigmond
James Newton Howard
Composer (Music Score)
Eric Batut
Musical Direction/Supervision
Mark Warner
Grace Gilroy
Production Designer
Harold Michelson
Production Designer
Yvonne J. Hurst
Art Director
Ray Hartwick
Alan B. Curtiss
Associate Producer
Frederic Golchan
Executive Producer
Dominique Fauquet-Lemaitre
Set Designer
Marco Rubeo
Set Designer
Ellen Mirojnick
Costume Designer
Alan B. Curtiss
First Assistant Director
Stuart Aikins
Lynn Stalmaster
Jan Newman
Kay Rose
Supervising Sound Editor