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The Incredible Shrinking Man Details


The screen's great existential science fiction film, The Incredible Shrinking Man stars Grant Williams in the title role. While catching some rays on his brother's yacht, Scott Carey (Williams) is enveloped by a mysterious dark cloud. Soon after, he discovers that he's getting thinner -- and smaller. Despite the assuring attitude of his family doctor (the inevitable William Schallert), Scott is losing an inch's worth of height with each passing day. It is finally determined that he has developed an "anti-cancer," a by-product of a new strain of insecticide. By the time he's reached the size of a small boy, Scott has become world-famous. But the phenomenon has adversely affected his personality, turning him into a tyrant, lashing out at the world in general and his faithful wife in particular. An anti-toxin briefly halts the shrinking process, whereupon Scott joins a midget troupe, where he is briefly "accepted" for what he has become. But before long he's shrinking again, becoming so tiny that he is forced to live in a dollhouse. When Scott is attacked by his pet cat, his wife assumes that he's been killed; in fact, Scott, by now so minuscule that even a garden-variety spider poses a deadly threat to him, is hiding in his cellar. By film's end, Scott is no larger than an atom. Uncertain of what is in store for him, he steps out into the mists, summing up his newfound philosophy: "Smaller than smallest, I meant something too. To God there is no zero. I still exist!" Adapted by Richard Matheson from his own novel, The Incredible Shrinking Man is enhanced by its superb special effects. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:February 22, 1957


Grant Williams
as Scott Carey
Randy Stuart
as Louise Carey
April Kent
as Clarice
Paul Langton
as Charlie Carey
Raymond Bailey
as Dr. Thomas Silver
William Schallert
as Dr. Arthur Bramson
Frank Scannell
as Barker
Helene Marshall
as Nurse
Diana Darrin
as Nurse
Billy Curtis
as Midget
Lock Martin
as Giant (cut)
Regis Parton
as Bit
Luce Potter
as Midget
John Hiestand
as TV Newscaster


Jack Arnold
Albert Zugsmith
Richard Matheson
Richard Matheson
Book Author
Richard Alan Simmons
Hans Salter
Composer (Music Score)
Herman Stein
Composer (Music Score)
Joseph E. Gershenson
Musical Direction/Supervision
Elliot Lawrence
Composer (Music Score)
Fred Karlin
Composer (Music Score)
Irving Gertz
Composer (Music Score)
Robert Clatworthy
Art Director
Alexander Golitzen
Art Director
Fred Knoth
Special Effects
Clifford Stine
Special Effects
William Holland
First Assistant Director
Jack Kevan
Bud Westmore