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I'm Dancing As Fast As I Can Details


[[Performer~P13546~Jill Clayburgh~jillclayburgh]] plays, as one character calls her, "a pill-popping dingbat" in this film adaptation of television producer [[Performer~P27757~Barbara Gordon~barbaragordon]]'s autobiographical account of her addiction to prescription drugs. [[Performer~P13546~Clayburgh~jillclayburgh]] plays [[Performer~P27757~Gordon~barbaragordon]] in the film as a successful television documentary filmmaker whose mounting pressures force her to pop a Valium or two for nerves. She then ingests a few more pills after an argument with boyfriend Derek Bauer ([[Performer~P76596~Nicol Williamson~nicolwilliamson]]). And thus begins her slow and steady compulsion to keep taking more and more Valium. Finally realizing her addiction, [[Performer~P27757~Gordon~barbaragordon]] makes a disastrous attempt to go cold turkey but fails miserably, finally having to undergo a painful rehabilitation in an institution. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi


Jill Clayburgh
as Barbara Gordon
Nicol Williamson
as Derek Bauer
Dianne Wiest
as Julie Addison
Joe Pesci
as Roger
Geraldine Page
as Jean Martin
James Sutorius
as Sam Mulligan
Ellen Greene
as Karen Mulligan
Cordis Heard
as Fran
Richard Masur
as Alan Newman
Daniel Stern
as Jim
Dan Hedaya
as Dr. Klein
Kathleen Widdoes
as Dr. Rawlings
John Lithgow
as Mr. Brunner
Toni Kalem
as Debbie
Joseph Maher
as Dr. Kalman
Andy Goldberg
as Disc Jockey
Margaret Ladd
as Lara
Jordan Derwin
as Doctor
Deborah Foreman
Glenn Wilder
Lara Cody
as Newscaster
Jeffrey DeMunn
as Dr. Roberts
Gregory Osborne
as Passerby
Lawrence Sellars
Eleanor Zee
as Emmy Presenter
Kasey Connors
as Sound Woman
Charlie Stavola
as Bartender
Roger Etienne
as Waiter
John Shearin
as Emmy Official
Anne de Salvo
as Iris
Malcolm Groome
as Talent Coordinator
Ann Weldon
as Nurse
Ebbe Roe Smith
as Chet
Paul Willson
Wendy Cutler
as Crew Member
DeVera Marcus
as Therapist
Andrew Winner
as Greg
Eddy Donno
CCH Pounder
as Anne
Robert DoQui
as Teddy
Richard Hamilton
as Joe
Thomas Hill
as Dr. Morgan
Gloria Irizarry
as Patient


Jack Hofsiss
David Nicksay
Scott Rudin
David Rabe
David Rabe
Nancy Dowd
Jan de Bont
Stanley Silverman
Composer (Music Score)
Michael Bradsell
Fred Kolo
Art Director
Edgar J. Scherick
Executive Producer
Ken Aichele
Set Designer
Julie Weiss
Costume Designer
Richard van Dyke
Sound/Sound Designer