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I Spit on Your Grave Details


Camille Keaton, grand-niece of Buster and star of the thriller Buster, appears here as Jenny, an aspiring novelist who rents a cabin in the Connecticut woods. Three rednecks at a local gas station and a retarded delivery boy seem quite friendly at first, and many viewers wonder just where director Meir Zarchi is going with the story. Then he drops them 200,000 feet right into the center of Hell for the longest, nastiest, and most brutal gang-rape in motion-picture history. Zarchi takes his time with this scene, not for the sake of titillation, but to make the audience feel the absolute horror of Jenny's plight. She is humiliated, sodomized over a rock, and brutally beaten in the middle of the woods. Then she crawls home, naked and bruised, only to get a repeat performance with her new novel shredded, her stomach kicked, and a bottle rammed violently inside her. The experience leaves Jenny shell-shocked, a cipher completely detached from reality. She hangs the delivery boy from a tree, gorily castrates the ringleader in a bathtub, and dispatches the other two rapists with an axe and an outboard motor. Eron Tabor, Richard Pace, Anthony Nicholls, and Gunter Kleeman co-star. ~ Robert Firsching, Rovi

  • Release date:June 26, 1959


Camille Keaton
as Jennifer Hills
Eron Tabor
as Johnny
Richard Pace
as Matthew
Anthony Nicholls
as Stanley


Meir Zarchi
Meir Zarchi
Joseph Zbeda
Meir Zarchi
Yuri Haviv
Meir Zarchi
Michael Penland
First Assistant Director