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I Skugga Hrafnsins Details


I Skugga Hrafnsins--released in English-speaking countries as Shadow of the Raven--is essentially Tristan and Isolde, Icelandic style. During the late 11th century, Iceland is gradually being converted to Christianity, but old ways die hard. Tratusi (Reine Brynolfsson), a young Norseman, returns home to discover that his family is embroiled in a deadly feud...over the beached carcass of a whale. When the rival clan leader is killed, he is replaced by his daughter Isold (Tinna Gunnlaugsdottir) To assure that peace will reign in the region, Isold is promised in marriage to the son of the Bishop of Iceland (Sune Mangs)--who, despite his position as official spokesperson of Christian values, is corrupt and power-hungry. Isold would be willing to swallow her indignation and concede to this marriage of diplomacy, but she has fallen in love with her "enemy" Tratusi. Her plan to follow her heart while seeming to follow her duty inevitably ends in tragedy. Slow going for non-Scandanavian audiences, I Skugga Hrafnsina picks up tremendously in its violent final third. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Reine Brynolfsson
as Trausti
Sune Mangs
as Bishop
Kristbjorg Kjeld
as Sigrid
Helgi Skulason
as Grim
Johann Neumann
as Leonardo
Helga Backman
as Edda
Sigurdur Sigurjonsson
as Egil
Flosi Olafsson
as Erikur
Gudmunda Eliasdottir
as Fostra
Rurik Haraldsson
as Lawman


Hrafn Gunnlaugsson
Christer Abrahamsen
Hrafn Gunnlaugsson
Esa Vuorinen
Hans-Erik Philip
Composer (Music Score)
Karl Juliusson
Production Designer
Klas Olofsson
Executive Producer
Katinka Farago
Executive Producer
Karl Juliusson
Costume Designer