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I Come in Peace is a silly, derivative science fiction exploitation thriller which is a triumph of style and skillful direction, despite a plot that steals elements from numerous good films and mixes them with some appallingly bad acting. Jack Caine (Dolph Lundgren) is a not-by-the books police officer investigating the death of several people, including his partner, by a gang called the "White Boys." All the victims seemed to have died of drug overdoses, but Jack thinks that there is something more sinister afoot. His investigation reveals a plot by aliens who use the bodies to extract a chemical that is sold to addicts on their home planet. Originally entitled Dark Angel, I Come in Peace, while silly and confusing, has great production values and some excellent special effects. The main reason to see this film is because of the expert direction by former stunt-man Craig Baxley who manages to keep the action moving at a fast pace and tie up the loose ends of the threadbare story. The cinematography by [[Performer~P95522~Mark Irwin~markirwin]] is outstanding and shows that imagination and a good visual sense can overcome a limited budget and a bad plot. ~ Linda Rasmussen, Rovi

  • Release date:September 28, 1990


Dolph Lundgren
as Jack Caine
Betsy Brantley
as Diane Pollon
Brian Benben
as Lawrence Smith
Matthias Hues
as Talec, the Bad Alien
David Ackroyd
as Switzer
Jim Haynie
as Capt. Malone
Jay Bilas
as Azeck, the Good Alien
Sherman Howard
as Victor Manning
Sam Anderson
as Warren
Matthew Posey
as Psycho
Tony Brubaker
as Garage Sweeper
Jack Willis
as Liquor Store Owner
Alex Morris
as Ray Turner
Wayne de Hart
as Market Customer
Al Leong
as Luggage Salesman
Chris Kinkade
as Detective
Jesse Vint
as Man in Mercedes
Howard French
as Federal Clerk
Michael J. Pollard
as Boner
Jack Verbois
as Man Hostage
Kevin Howard
as Security Guard
Stacey Cortez
as Lady Hostage
Steve Chizmadia
as Other White Boy
Suzanne Savoy
as Patrolwoman
Tom Campitelli
as Patrolman
Willie Minor
as Pool Hustler
Woody Watson
as Federal Agent
Kristin Baxley
as Girl on Phone
Luis Lemus
as Sgt. Hawkins
Mark Lowenthal
as Bruce, the Scientist
Arienne Battiste
as Malone's Secretary
Mimi Cochran
as Female Mechanic
Nik Hagler
as Bail Bondsman
Nino Candido
as Frank
Robert Prentiss
as White Boy
Beatie Edney
Sebastian White
as Other White Boy
David Poynter
as Other White Boy
Dean Kinkel
as Other White Boy
Folkert Schmidt
as Other White Boy
Gary Baxley
as Other White Boy
Karen Rea
Brandon Smith
as Market Clerk
Kevin Page
as White Boy


Craig R. Baxley
Jeff Young
Leonard Maas, Jr.
Jonathan Tydor
Mark Irwin
Jan Hammer
Composer (Music Score)
Mark Helfrich
Nino Candido
Art Director
Rafael Eisenman
Jon Turtle
Ron Fury
Associate Producer
Mark Damon
Executive Producer
David Saunders
Executive Producer
Joseph Porro
Costume Designer
Bruno Van Zeebroeck
Special Effects
Tony Gardner
Special Effects
Suzanne Bell