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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Details


continues in this sequel that finds a revolution brewing as Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) take a "Victor's Tour" of the districts, and President Snow (Donald Sutherland) plots their downfall during preparations for the Quarter Quell, which only occurs every 25 years in celebration of the Capitol's victory over the districts. Hoping to put an end to the growing threat of rebellion, President Snow announces that the Quell's tributes will be reaped from the existing pool of victors -- guaranteeing Katniss a place in the arena. Though Katniss vows to keep Peeta safe even if it means sacrificing her own life, her fellow tributes have a different plan. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:November 22, 2013


Awarded by
Detroit Film Critics Society Stanley Tucci Best Supporting Actor 2013 Nominee


Jennifer Lawrence
as Katniss Everdeen
Josh Hutcherson
as Peeta Mellark
Liam Hemsworth
as Gale Hawthorne
Elizabeth Banks
as Effie Trinket
Stanley Tucci
as Caesar Flickerman
Woody Harrelson
as Haymitch Abernathy
Jena Malone
as Johanna Mason
Willow Shields
as Primrose Everdeen
Paula Malcolmson
as Katniss and Primrose's Mother
Lenny Kravitz
as Cinna
Donald Sutherland
as President Snow
Philip Seymour Hoffman
as Plutarch Heavensbee
Amanda Plummer
as Wiress
Lynn Cohen
as Mags
Patrick St. Esprit
as Romulus Thread
Meta Golding
as Enobaria
Alan Ritchson
as Gloss
Maria Howell
as Seeder
Sam Claflin
as Finnick
Jeffrey Wright
as Beetee
Sandra Ellis Lafferty
as Greasy Sae
Afemo Omilami
as District 11 Mayor
Deena Beasley
as Thresh's Grandmother
Leon Lamar
as Old Man
Wilbur Fitzgerald
as Cray
Jill Jane Clements
as Old Lady
Toby Jones
as Claudius Templesmith
Judd Derek Lormand
as Hovercraft Peacekeeper
Marian Green
as District 9 Female Tribute
Daniel Bernhardt
as District 9 Male Tribute


Francis Lawrence
Jon Kilik
Nina Jacobson
Suzanne Collins
Suzanne Collins
Book Author
Simon Beaufoy
Jo Willems
Alexandra Patsavas
Musical Direction/Supervision
James Newton Howard
Composer (Music Score)
Alan Edward Bell
Philip Messina
Production Designer
Robert Fechtman
Art Director
John Collins
Supervising Art Director
Aldric La'Auli Porter
Louise Rosner
Executive Producer
Suzanne Collins
Executive Producer
Trish Summerville
Costume Designer
Larry Dias
Set Decorator
Jeremy Peirson
Sound/Sound Designer
Christopher Surgent
First Assistant Director
Aldric La'Auli Porter
First Assistant Director
Debra Zane
Louise Bertrand
Visual Effects Producer
Cheryl Bainum
Visual Effects Executive Producer
James Tyson
Costumes Supervisor
Ve Neill
Department Head Makeup
Ve Neill
Makeup Designer
Jeremy Peirson
Supervising Sound Editor
Sebastien Moreau
Visual Effects Executive Producer
Johnny Sanchez
Production Coordinator
Pierre Raymond
Visual Effects Executive Producer
Martine Losier
Visual Effects Coordinator
Daniel Leduc
Visual Effects Executive Producer
Steve Cremin
Special Effects Coordinator
Joanie Croteau
Visual Effects Coordinator
Janek Sirrs
Visual Effects Supervisor
Chad Stahelski
Stunts Coordinator
Philippe Theroux
Visual Effects Supervisor
Linda Flowers
Department Head Hair
Adrian De Wet
Visual Effects Supervisor
Thierry Delattre
Visual Effects Supervisor
Melinka Thompson-Godoy
Visual Effects Producer
Adam McCarthy
Production Supervisor
Albrecht Steinmetz
Visual Effects