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Humongous Details


This plodding horror bore from director (and one-time softcore porn-maker) Paul Lynch slogs through Paul Lynch territory with a tale of standard teen slasher-fodder falling victim to a shambling subhuman killer. This particular crop of annoying kids has stolen Daddy's boat for a sex-and-drug-filled orgy on a remote island. Sadly for them, the island is inhabited by packs of wild dogs and a shaggy Mongoloid. The Bigfoot-like behemoth is apparently the spawn of a savage coupling between a slavering rapist and a former female resident of the island. It lopes about, chopping and bludgeoning the teens (who are particularly obnoxious, even for a film of this sort). Whatever interest this deathly dull flick may have mustered is completely obscured by some of the murkiest cinematography on record; the fact that nearly every scene is shrouded in complete darkness may prove a blessing in disguise. The film's ad campaign sported the slogan "God help us," which could easily have been a plea from the film's financial investors. ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi


Janet Julian
as Sandy Rawlston
Janet Baldwin
as Donna Blake
John Stuart Wildman
as Nick Simmonds
John Wildman
as Nick Simmonds
Joy Boushel
as Carla Simmonds
Layne Coleman
as Burt Defoe
Shay Garner
as Ida Parsons
Ed McFadyen
as Mr. Parsons
Garry Robbins
as Ida's Son


Paul Lynch
Anthony Kramreither
William Gray
Nick Rotundo
Carol Spier
Art Director
Linda Matheson
Costume Designer
Nick Rotundo
Sound/Sound Designer
Peter Thillaye
Sound/Sound Designer
Martin Malivoire
Special Effects