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Huckleberry Finn Details


Based on the novel by Mark Twain, stars Junior Durkin in the title role, Jackie Coogan as Tom Sawyer, Mitzi Green as Becky Thatcher and Clarence Muse as Jim the slave. The film hopscotches around the book, ignoring such highlights as the Grangeford-Shepherdson feud and devoting too much time to such minor incidents as Huck and Tom's "orchestrated" rescue of Jim. The basic storyline begins when Huck's no-good Pap (Warner Richmond) kidnaps the boy from his guardian, the Widow Douglas. Huck stages his own "death" and escapes down the Mississippi on a raft, in the company of Tom Sawyer and escaped slave Jim. The threesome link up with two confidence men, the King (Oscar Apfel) and the Duke (Eugene Pallette). The unscrupulous pair plan fleece the grieving family of a recently deceased man of wealth, but Huck falls in love with one of the victims of the scam (Charlotte Henry) and thwarts the villains. was Paramount's followup to 1930's Tom Sawyer, with many of the principal actors repeating their roles. This 1931 version of Charlotte Henry is easy to take, but somewhat threadbare when compared to later remakes. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Jackie Coogan
as Tom Sawyer
Jackie Searl
as Sid Sawyer
Clarence Muse
as Jim
Clara Blandick
as Aunt Polly
Jane Darwell
as Widow Douglas
Eugene Pallette
as Duke of Bilgewater
Oscar Apfel
as The King
Warner P. Richmond
as Finn
Frank McGlynn, Sr.
as Second teacher
Guy Oliver
as Judge Thatcher
Aileen Manning
as Abigail Martin
Lillian Harmer
as Miss Watson
Edith Fellows
as Schoolgirl
Cecil Weston
as Mrs. Thatcher


Norman Taurog
Grover Jones
William Slavens McNutt
Mark Twain
Book Author