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How Do I Love Thee? Details


In this syrupy comedy, a father attempts to reconnect with his troubled, estranged son, a philosophy professor. The chance at reconciliation comes when the son learns that his father, whom he hasn't seen in years is fighting a strange nameless movie disease in a French hospital. The young man's wife is not pleased. While aboard the jet, the son reflects upon his upbringing and the fights that would erupt between his mother, a fundamentalist Christian, and his father, an atheist. He remembers how his father turned to a free-spirited artist for comfort. Just before she left him, the artist gave the father a lovely poem. Later after his son became a teacher, the father decides to enter to piece in a poetry contest and wins $10,0000, which he plans to donate to his son's department. Unfortunately someone discovers that the artist's "original" poem is anything but and the father is publicly humiliated while his son is passed for promotion. Seeing how unhappy his son has become, the father decides to go to a church and pray for his son to get promoted. It works, but unfortunately a man had to die for the son to get it leaving the father to be wracked with guilt. Fortunately with the son's arrival comes the father's salvation. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi


Jackie Gleason
as Stanley Waltz
Maureen O'Hara
as Elsie Waltz
Shelley Winters
as Lena Mervin
Rosemary Forsyth
as Marion Waltz
Rick Lenz
as Tom Waltz
Maurice Marsac
as The Bishop
Fritzi Burr
as Mrs. Gromulka
James McCallion
as Pete McGurk
Templeton Fox
as Mrs. Wellington
Robertson White
as Old Geezer
Alex Gerry
as Walter Wetzel
Judy Wallace
as Mrs. Bagley
Marcia Knight
as Rachel
Don Sebastian
as Art Salerno
Frank Logan
as Frank, the Bartender
Don Beddoe
as Dean Bagley


Michael Gordon
Robert Enders
Peter DeVries
Book Author
Karl Tunberg
Russell Metty
Jim Helms
Composer (Music Score)
Randy Sparks
Randy Sparks
Composer (Music Score)
Ned Parsons
Set Designer
Moss Mabry
Costume Designer
Randy Sparks
Guy del Russo