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Howard the Duck Details


In this sci-fi comedy from executive producer George Lucas, Howard the Duck is an extra-terrestrial fowl who is accidentally beamed to earth by physicist Dr. Jenning (Jeffrey Jones) and his assistant Phil (Tim Robbins). The two go looking for Howard and find him in the home of Beverly Switzer (Lea Thompson), who was rescued by the interstellar duck from some mean-looking thugs. Beverly and Phil are friends, and when the government finds out about Howard, she helps Phil and Dr. Jenning hide him from the authorities until they can zap him back home. In the meantime, several wild chases and spectacular special effects keep the picture rolling along. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi

  • Release date:August 1, 1986


Lea Thompson
as Beverly Switzler
Jeffrey Jones
as Dr. Jenning
Tim Robbins
as Phil Blumbertt
Ed Gale
as Howard T. Duck
Chip Zien
as Howard T. Duck
Paul Guilfoyle
as Lt. Welker
Tim Rose
as Howard T. Duck
Steve Sleap
as Howard T. Duck
Lisa Sturz
as Howard T. Duck
Jordan Prentice
as Howard T. Duck
Tommy Swerdlow
as Ginger Mos
Sheldon Feldner
as Hot Tub Spa Owner
Richard Kiley
as the Cosmos
Paul Comi
as Dr. Chapin
Kristopher Logan
as Punk
Carol McElheney
as Screaming Woman
Richard Edson
as Ritchie
Miles Chapin
as Carter
Wanda McCaddon
as Hostess
Maureen Coyne
as Teacher
Nancy Fish
as Bag Lady
William Hall
as Hanson
Virginia Capers
as Coramae
James Lashly
as State Trooper
Gary Littlejohn
as Trucker
Ed Holmes
as TV Duck Hunter
Ted Kurtz
as Kirby
Wood Moy
as Chef
Richard McGonagle
as Cop
Miguel Sandoval
as Cab Driver
Marcia Banks
as Mama Biker
Denny Delk
as Sergeant
Felix Silla
as Stunt Duck
David Paymer
as Larry Scientist
Dominique Davalos
as Cal
Martin Ganapoler
as Trucker
Steve Kravitz
as Lover Boy
Thomas Dolby
as Bartender in Rock Club
Anne Tofflemire
as Lover Girl
Liz Sagal
as Ronette
Lee Anthony
as Grossbach
Debbie Lee Carrington
as Additional Duck
Tom Rayhall
as Trucker
Margarita Fernandez
John Fleck
as Pimples
Monty Hoffman
as Club Bouncer


Willard Huyck
Gloria Katz
Gloria Katz
Willard Huyck
John Barry
Composer (Music Score)
Sylvester Levay
Composer (Music Score)
Delbert McClinton
Thomas Dolby
George S. Clinton
Allee Willis
Michael Chandler
Sidney Wolinsky
Peter Jamison
Production Designer
Blake Russell
Art Director
Mark Billerman
Art Director
Robert Latham Brown
Ian Bryce
Associate Producer
George Lucas
Executive Producer
Jim Pohl
Set Designer
Joe Tompkins
Costume Designer
Sarah Elgart
Dianne Crittenden
Richard Hashimoto
Production Manager
Robert "Bobby Z" Zajonc
Karen Bradley
Sylvester Levay
Additional Music