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House Party is an infectious, engaging comedy starring the rap duo Kid 'N Play. Kid (Christopher Reid) decides to throw a party where he plans to blow the roof off the joint with his rhyming skills, so he and his friend Play (Christopher Martin) throw a huge party while Play's parents are away. The day of the party, Kid is grounded by his father (Robin Harris) and he has to sneak out of the house to get to the party, where he is confronted by several rival rappers, as well as a bevy of adoring girls. Though House Party follows a standard plot-line straight out of the '50s rock & roll films, the script is inventive, providing many different twists and turns, while Reginald Hudlin's direction is assured and very, very funny. Kid 'N Play are both terrific, but the true standout is legendary comedian Robin Harris in one of his few screen roles. House Party later spawned two sequels and an animated television series. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

  • Release date:March 9, 1990


Awarded by
Sundance Film Festival Peter Deming Best Cinematography - Dramatic 1989 Winner
Independent Spirit Awards Peter Deming Best Cinematography 1990 Nominee
Independent Spirit Awards Adrienne-Joi Johnson Best Supporting Actress 1990 Nominee
Sundance Film Festival Reginald Hudlin Filmmaker's Trophy: Dramatic 1989 Winner
Independent Spirit Awards Reginald Hudlin Best First Feature 1990 Nominee
Independent Spirit Awards Reginald Hudlin Best Director 1990 Nominee
Independent Spirit Awards Christopher "Kid" Reid Best Actor 1990 Nominee
Independent Spirit Awards Robin Harris Best Supporting Actor 1990 Nominee
Independent Spirit Awards Tisha Campbell Best Supporting Actress 1990 Nominee


Christopher "Kid" Reid
as Kid
Christopher "Play" Martin
as Play
Robin Harris
as Pop
Martin Lawrence
as Bilal
Tisha Campbell
as Sidney
Adrienne-Joi Johnson
as Sharane
Paul Anthony
as Stab
B. Fine
as Zilla
Eugene Allen
as Groove
George Clinton
as D.J.
Barry Wiggins
as Waiter
Michael Pniewski
as Cop #2
Shaun Baker
as Clint
Clifton Powell
as Sharane's Brother
John Witherspoon
as Mr. Strickland
Daryl Mitchell
as Chill
Cedrick Hardman
as Rock
Anthony Johnson
as E.Z.E.
Richard McGregor
as Evrette
Ronn Riser
as Guy
Edith Fields
as Principal
Bebe Drake
as Mrs. Strickland
Kelly Minter
as La Donna
Myra J.
as Guest
Bowlegged Lou
as Pee Wee
George Logan
as Pimp
Jaime Cardriche
as Tattoo
Leah Aldridge
as Benita
as Sidney's Mom
Belal Miller
as Herman
Barry Diamond
as Cop #1
Cliff Frazier
as Brutus
Rodney Hill
as Albert
J. Jay Saunders
as Sidney's Dad
Val Gamble
as La Shay
Chino "Fats" Williams
as Fats
Warrington Hudlin
as Burglar #2
Desi Arnez Hines II
as Peanut
Randy Harris
as Roughouse
Alexander Folk
as Guard
Norma Donaldson
as Mildred
Stan Haze
as Hatchett
Verda Bridges
as Sharane's Sister
Bentley Evans
as Tall Teen


Reginald Hudlin
Warrington Hudlin
Reginald Hudlin
Peter Deming
Lenny White
Composer (Music Score)
Earl Watson
Susan Richardson
Art Director
Gerald T. Olson
Executive Producer
Molly Flanegin
Set Designer
Lenny White
Costume Designer
Eddie Smith
Tisha Campbell
Adrienne-Joi Johnson
Laini Thompson