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Honeydripper Details


It’s 1950 and it’s a make or break weekend for Tyrone Purvis (Danny Glover), the proprietor of the Honeydripper Lounge. Deep in debt, Tyrone is desperate to bring back the crowds that used to come to his place. He decides to lay off his long-time blues singer Bertha Mae, and announces that he’s hired a famous guitar player, Guitar Sam, for a one night only gig in order to save the club. Into town drifts Sonny Blake, a young man with nothing to his name but big dreams and the guitar case in his hand. Rejected by Tyrone when he applies to play at the Honeydripper, he is intercepted by the corrupt local Sheriff, arrested for vagrancy and rented out as an unpaid cotton picker to the highest bidder. But when Tyrone's ace-in-the-hole fails to materialize at the train station, his desperation leads him back to Sonny and the strange, wire-dangling object in his guitar case. The Honeydripper lounge is all set to play its part in rock n' roll history.

  • Release date:December 28, 2007


John Sayles
Maggie Renzi
John Sayles
Dick Pope
Tim Bernett
Musical Direction/Supervision
Mason K. Daring
Composer (Music Score)
John Sayles
Toby Corbett
Production Designer
Eloise C. Stammerjohn
Art Director
Ira Deutchman
Associate Producer
Susan Kirr
Associate Producer
Mark Wynns
Associate Producer
Hope Hanafin
Costume Designer
Alice Baker
Set Decorator
Judy Karp
Sound/Sound Designer
Cas Donovan
First Assistant Director
John Hubbard
Diane Maurno
Philip Stockton
Supervising Sound Editor