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Hollywood Cavalcade was a fictionalized history of silent films and the growth of the movie industry. Don Ameche portrays a character based on equal portions of Mack Sennett and D. W. Griffith, while Alice Faye's silent star is an amalgam of Mabel Normand and Gloria Swanson. Ameche breaks into pictures with slapstick comedies, initiating the first "pie throwing" scene, with Buster Keaton the thrower and Alice Faye the throw-ee. Thanks to Ameche, Faye becomes a major comedy star, appearing in wild Keystone Kops chase comedies. But success goes to Ameche's head, and soon he's staging elaborate Buster Keaton-like historical spectacles. As Ameche's artistic aspirations climb, his relationship with the faithful Alice deteriorates. She finds solace with her young leading man (Alan Curtis) and becomes a top dramatic star. Having made and lost several fortunes, Ameche talks Alice into appearing in his "comeback" picture, but shortly before filming ends, she and her husband are in a serious auto accident. The husband is killed, and as Faye recuperates, Ameche agonizes over how he'll save his uncompleted masterpiece. He witnesses the premiere of Al Jolson's part-talking Al Jolson and decides to risk everything by scrapping his film and remaking it as a talkie. Faye, who's never really stopped loving Ameche, agrees to star in this new project. On a level of accuracy, Hollywood Cavalcade is for the birds, but it scores on its energetic performances and nostalgic appeal. As a bonus, several past movie greats appear in cameos: Al Jolson, Buster Keaton, Mack Sennett, Ben Turpin, Chester Conklin, Jimmy Finlayson, Hank Mann and even Rin Tin Tin Jr. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:October 13, 1939


Alice Faye
as Molly Adair
Don Ameche
as Michael Linnett Connors
J. Edward Bromberg
as Dave Spingold
Alan Curtis
as Nicky Hayden
Stuart Erwin
as Pete Tinney
Jed Prouty
as Chief of Police
Buster Keaton
as Himself
Donald Meek
as Lyle P. Stout
George Givot
as Claude
Hank Mann
as Keystone Cop
Chester Conklin
as Sheriff in Western
James Finlayson
as Keystone Cop
Chick Chandler
as Chick, Assistant Director
Robert Lowery
as Henry Potter
Russell Hicks
as Roberts
Ben Welden
as Agent
Willie Fung
as Willie
Paul Stanton
as Filson
Mary Forbes
as Mrs. Gaynes
Irving Bacon
as Bakery Clerk
Ben Turpin
as Bartender in Western
Marjorie Beebe
as Telephone Operator
Frederick Burton
as Thomas of Famous Players
Lynn Bari
Charles "Heinie" Conklin
as Keystone Cop
Al Jolson
as Himself
Victor Potel
Mack Sennett
as Himself
Fred "Snowflake" Toones
as Porter
Charles "Heinie" Conklin
as Keystone Cop
Mack Sennett
as Himself
Al Jolson
as Himself


Irving Cummings
Malcolm St. Clair
Darryl F. Zanuck
Brown Holmes
Screen Story
Ernest Pascal
Ernest Palmer
Louis Silvers
Musical Direction/Supervision
David Raksin
Composer (Music Score)
Walter Thompson
Richard Day
Art Director
Harry Joe Brown
Associate Producer
Natalie Kalmus
Henri Jaffa
Color Timing
Lou Breslow
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