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When blonde [[Performer~P538~Mary Ainslee~maryainslee]] picks three saps to unwittingly help her swindle an insurance company, she has the misfortune of choosing [[Performer~P70872~the Three Stooges~thethreestooges]]. [[Performer~P538~Mary~maryainslee]] has taken to a wheelchair and convinced the boys -- and the insurance man ([[Performer~P18652~Vernon Dent~vernondent]]) -- that she deserves to be awarded 25 thousand dollars. The [[Performer~P70872~Stooges~thethreestooges]] wait on her hand and foot, unaware that when they're out of her room, she ditches the wheelchair. After getting her breakfast (in usual hilarious [[Performer~P70872~Stooge~thethreestooges]] fashion), the trio head off to work. Their job is to hang posters and that day they're putting up an advertisement for the great hypnotist Svengarlic. ("He'll steal your breath away!" the poster announces.) The [[Performer~P70872~Stooges~thethreestooges]] want the hypnotist to work his magic on [[Performer~P538~Mary~maryainslee]] so that she can walk again, but Svengarlic is more interested in winning an audience by hypnotizing the [[Performer~P70872~Stooges~thethreestooges]]. Under his spell, they walk out onto a flagpole high on a building and dance. But a distracted bicyclist knocks Svengarlic over and the [[Performer~P70872~Stooges~thethreestooges]] are abruptly awakened. They immediately panic when they see where they are, then the flagpole breaks, sending them flying through an open window. The boys land directly in the insurance office where [[Performer~P538~Mary~maryainslee]] is about to be handed her check. She stands up to avoid the flying [[Performer~P70872~Stooges~thethreestooges]], revealing her ruse, and the insurance man promptly rips up the check. ~ Janiss Garza, Rovi


Moe Howard
as Moe
Larry Fine
as Larry
Vernon Dent
Shemp Howard
as Shemp


Jules White