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The Hitman Details


Chuck Norris stars in this derivative action film (directed by his brother, Aaron Norris) which bears more than a passing similarity to Steven Seagal's Steven Seagal. Norris plays Cliff Garret, a Seattle cop who is mortally wounded in a drug bust. Garret's condition is grave but he manages to pull through. However, the Seattle police have plans for him and put out the word that Garret has died. When Garret regains his strength, he is given a new identity as hit man Danny Grogan and is assigned to go undercover and infiltrate the crime family of Marco Luganni (Al Waxman). "Grogan" must bring both Luganni and rival gang-lord Andre Lacombe (Marcel Sabourin) into police custody. But his past comes back to haunt him in the person of Ronny Delany (Michael Parks), a goon from Grogan's Garret days, who threatens to blow his cover. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

  • Release date:October 25, 1991


Chuck Norris
as Garret/Grogan
Michael Parks
as Ronny "Del" Delaney
Al Waxman
as Marco Luganni
Alberta Watson
as Christine De Vera
Salim Grant
as Tim Murphy
Ken Pogue
as Chambers
Marcel Sabourin
as Andre Lacombe
Bruno Gerussi
as Nino
Stuart Aikins
Anthony Stamboulieh
as Rigoletti
William B. Davis
as Doctor Atkins
Jon Cuthbert
as Joe
James Purcell
as Sal
Michael Rogers
as Sully
Paris Mileos
as Scolari
Alex Diakun
as Armone
Stephen Dimopoulos
as Galione
Sue Mathew
as Attendant
Henry Holmes
as Chief Surgeon
Sylvian Demers
as Attendant
Nathan Vanering
as Nantel
Alex Bruhanski
as Scarlini
Fred Henderson
as E.R. Doctor
Alan C. Peterson
as Lemke
Candus Churchill
as Kate
Beau Heaton
as Bo Lemke
Gerry Bean
as Fierro
Michelle Goodger
as Corrine


Aaron Norris
Harry Alan Towers
Don Carmody
Jeffrey Barmash
Don Carmody
Robert Geoffrion
Joao Fernandes
Joel Derouin
Composer (Music Score)
Douglas Higgins
Production Designer
Eric Fraser
Art Director
Andre Link
Executive Producer
Peter Welbeck
Executive Producer
Barry Brolly
Set Designer
Mary E. McLeod
Costume Designer