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Hitler's Children Details


This modestly produced film version of Gregor Ziemmer's book [[Feature~V143797~Education for Death~educationfordeath]] surprised everyone at RKO--and in the film industry--by becoming one the biggest hits of 1943. The "children" invoked in the title are borne on behalf of Adolf Hitler; according to the film, it is standard operating procedure in Nazi Germany for young girls to willingly submit to being impregnated by Aryan men (with or without the benefit of clergy) in order to sustain the "Master Race." Those who refuse are ticketed for sterilization, or worse. One of the holdouts is [[Performer~P28270~Bonita Granville~bonitagranville]], a German girl raised and educated in America whose taste of democracy has made her utterly resistant to Nazism. In the film's key scene, the near-naked Bonita is publicly flogged for her defiance, whereupon Bonita's lover, "good Nazi" [[Performer~P33051~Tim Holt~timholt]], suddenly has an awakening of conscience and stops the whipping. This act of courage results in the executions of both Holt and Granville, but they willingly go to their deaths rather than accede to Hitler's demands. It is true enough that many people flocked to see Hitler's Children because of the sensational, censor-provoking aspects of the film, but equal numbers of filmgoers and critics also recognized the above-average artistic contributions of director [[Performer~P87908~Edward Dmytryk~edwarddmytryk]] and scriptwriter [[Performer~P98902~Emmet Lavery~emmettlavery]] (both of whom received substantial cash bonuses for their work on this film). Hitler's Children was the second biggest moneymaker of RKO's 1943-44 season, only slightly behind the [[Performer~P28204~Cary Grant~carygrant]] vehicle [[Feature~V33639~Mr. Lucky.~mrlucky]] ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Tim Holt
as Karl Bruner
Bonita Granville
as Anna Muller
Kent Smith
as Prof. Nichols (Narrator)
Otto Kruger
as Col. Henkel
H.B. Warner
as The bishop
Lloyd Corrigan
as Franz Erhart
Erford Gage
as Dr. Schmidt
Richard Martin
as Gestapo Man
Hans Conried
as Dr. Graf
William Forrest
as American Vice Consul
Elsa Janssen
as Mrs. Muller
Crane Whitley
as Whipping Sergeant
Edward Van Sloan
as Chief Trial Judge
Gavin Muir
as Nazi Major
Egon Brecher
as Mr. Muller
Anne Loos
as N.S.V. Worker
Ariel Heath
Billy Burrud
as Murph
Peter Michael Goetz
as Arresting Sergeant
Nancy Gates
as Brenda
Irving G. Reis
Orley Lindgren
Rita Corday
as Young Matron
John Merton


Edward Dmytryk
Irving G. Reis
Emmett Lavery
Gregor Ziemer
Book Author
Russell Metty
Constantin Bakaleinikoff
Musical Direction/Supervision
Roy Webb
Composer (Music Score)
Joseph Noriega
Albert S. D'Agostino
Art Director
Carroll Clark
Art Director
Costume Designer
Vernon Walker
Special Effects