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Can two men, one straight and one gay, find happiness together writing a cheesy action movie? Alex Andero (Michael Parducci) is an aspiring filmmaker who makes ends meet by working in the restaurant founded by his father. Alex has dreamed up a character named Jagger Stevens, a James Bond-style undercover agent who is trying to infiltrate a drug smuggling ring operated by super models (hey, are you sure that movie didn't play on Cinemax last month?). Alex's cousin Norman (Bill Cohen) works in Hollywood as a producer and actually thinks the Jagger Stevens idea has potential, so he asks Alex to write a script. However, Alex doesn't know the first thing about screenwriting; he signs up for a class in writing for film, but he hasn't made much progress beyond attracting a girl named Gwen (Judy Prescott) whom he isn't even sure he likes. However, there's a new waiter at the restaurant, Joey (Kerr Smith), who is good looking, gay, and has an admirer named Elliot (Peter Jacobson) who happens to be a screenwriter. Alex and Elliot meet through Joey, and before long begin collaborating on a script, although Jagger Stevens is a good bit different after Elliot gets through with him. Hit and Runway was the debut feature for director/co-screenwriter Christopher Livingston, and was screened at the 1999 Los Angeles Independent Film Festival. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:April 6, 2001


Michael Parducci
as Alex Andero
Peter Jacobson
as Elliot Springer
Judy Prescott
as Gwen Colton
Kerr Smith
as Joey Worcieukowski
Hoyt Richards
as Jagger Stevens
John Fiore
as Frank Andero
Teresa DePriest
as Lana
Bill Cohen
as Norman Rizzoli
Jonathan Hogan
as Bob


Christopher Livingston
Andrew Charas
Chris D'Annibile
Jaffe Cohen
Christopher Livingston
David Tumblety
Christopher Livingston
Rhonda Mitrani
Mark Helmuth
Production Designer
Laura Roberts
Set Designer
Jori Adam
Costume Designer
Damian Canelos
Sound/Sound Designer
Eve Battaglia