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History of the World -- Part I Details


Mel Brooks produced, directed, wrote, and starred in this episodic comedy in the spirit of Monty Python and the 1957 studio travesty Mel Brooks. The film is divided into five sequences that play like blue-toned Eddie Cantor vaudeville sketches -- "The Dawn of Man," "The Stone Age," The Spanish Inquisition," "The Bible," and "The Future." Also included is a Brooksian depiction of The Last Supper and a long-winded sequence about the French Revolution. The film starts with a Eddie Cantor parody, narrated by Orson Welles, in which a collection of ape-men learn to stand erect (in more ways than one). The Stone Age reveals the origins of both the first homo sapien and homosexual marriages. Brooks then appears in an Old Testament sequence as Moses, descending from Mount Sinai with three heavy stone tablets bearing the 15 Commandments; after he drops one of these tablets, the laws of God become 10 Commandments. The Roman period picks up with Brooks as Comicus, attempting to get a gig as a "stand-up philosopher" at Caesar's Palace. The Spanish Inquisition is a musical production number with monks torturing Jews to lively Broadway musical strains. The final French revolution section is a broad parody of Orson Welles story. The film closes with coming attractions of "History of the World, Part II" that features a rousing Orson Welles parody (anticipating Orson Welles) called "Jews in Space" that includes a jaunty theme song. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi


Mel Brooks
as Torquemada
Mel Brooks
as Moses
Mel Brooks
as King Lou
Mel Brooks
as Jacques
Mel Brooks
as Comicus
Dom DeLuise
as Nero
Madeline Kahn
as Empress Nympho
Harvey Korman
as Count de Monet
Cloris Leachman
as Madame de Farge
Ron Carey
as Swiftus
Gregory Hines
as Josephus
Shecky Green
as Marcus Vindictus
Sid Caesar
as Chief Caveman
Howard Morris
as Court Spokesman
Rudy de Luca
as Capt. Mucus
Orson Welles
as Narrator
Charlie Callas
as Soothsayer
Paul Mazursky
as Roman Officer
Art Metrano
as Leonardo Da Vinci
Diane Day
as Caladonia
Henny Youngman
as Chemist
Fritz Feld
as Maitre d'
Hugh Hefner
as Entrepreneur
Pat McCormick
as Plumbing Salesman
John Hurt
as Jesus Christ
Jackie Mason
as Jew
Phil Leeds
as Chief Monk
Jack Carter
as Rat Vendor
Jan Murray
as Nothing Vendor
Spike Milligan
as Monsieur Rimbaud
John Hillerman
as Rich Man
Sidney Lassick
as Applecore Vendor
Jonathan Cecil
as Poppinjay
Andrew Sachs
as Gerard
John Gavin
as Marche
Barry Levinson
as Column Salesman
Ron Clark
as Stoned Soldier
Leigh French
as Prehistoric Man
Zale Kessler
as Disciple
Michael Champion
as Prehistoric Man
Bea Arthur
as Clerk
Jim Steck
as Gladiator
Sid Gould
as Barber
Nigel Hawthorne
as Official
Cleo Rocos
Jack Riley
as Stoned Soldier
Mike Cottrell
Sean Barry-Weske
as Insolent Flunkey
Hunter Von Leer
as Lt. Bob
Ronny Graham
as Oedipus
Ira Miller
as Roman Citizen
Eileen Saki
as Slave
Royce Mills
Mitchell Bock
as Disciple
Stan Mazin
Richard Karron
Howard Mann
as Disciple
Lori Sutton
Geoffrey Larder
as Footman
Sandy Helberg
as Disciple
Sammy Shore
as Prehistoric Man
Jeana Tomasina
as Vestal Virgin
Michael Miller
as Coming Attraction
Dena Dietrich
as Competence
Johnny Silver
as Small Liar
J.J. Barry
as Prehistoric Man
Richard Lewis
Henry Kaiser
as Disciple
Pamela Stephenson
as Mademoiselle Rimbaud
Molly Basler
Lee Delano
as Wagon Driver
Earl Finn
as Disciple
Mary-Margaret Humes
as Miriam
Dennon Rawles
Royce D. Applegate
as Coming Attraction
Suzanne Kent
as Prehistoric Man
Spencer Henderson
John Myhers
as Senate Leader
Lisa Welch
as Vestal Virgin
Fiona Richmond
as Queen


Mel Brooks
Mel Brooks
Mel Brooks
Ronny Graham
Woody Omens
John C. Howard
Stuart Craig
Production Designer
Norman Newberry
Production Designer
Harold Michelson
Production Designer
Stuart Cornfeld
Associate Producer
Alan Johnson
Associate Producer
Daniel Gluck
Set Designer
Gregory Pickrell
Set Designer
Anthony Mondello
Set Designer
Robert C. Goldstein
Set Designer
Daniel Maltese
Set Designer
Steve Cantamessa
Sound/Sound Designer
Albert J. Whitlock
Special Effects
Jerry Ziesmer
First Assistant Director
Marci Liroff