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Highlander II: The Quickening Details


At the end of , Juan Ramirez (Sean Connery) died and Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) was rendered mortal. Christopher Lambert begins in 1999 when Connor solves the problem of an ever-depleting ozone layer on the earth by devising a giant shield around the entire planet. The earth is saved, except for the fact that it is now a continual 99 degrees, and the earth is plunged into 24 hours of darkness. 40 years later, Connor is an elderly man with liver spots, heading out for the opera. Then there is a flashback of Connor recalling his halcyon days on the planet Zeist hundreds of years earlier. Back on Zeist, Connor and Ramirez led a futile coup against the ruling dictator, Katana (Michael Ironside), that caused them to be banished to Earth. Back in the future, Katana sends a pair of wacky goons to kill Connor. When Connor lops off their heads, he is now young again...and immortal. Just the right time to meet the attractive scientist Louise Marcus (Virginia Madsen), who has discovered that the shield around the earth is no longer needed since the ozone layer has repaired itself. But, unfortunately, the shield is in the clutches of an evil cartel who wants to control the earth's resources. Connor and Louise team up to battle the cartel while Katana sends out more emissaries to get Connor. Ramirez, although supposedly dead, also makes an appearance in the 21st century -- garbed in full Scottish regalia. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

  • Release date:November 1, 1991


Christopher Lambert
as Connor MacLeod
Sean Connery
as Juan Villa-Lobos Ramirez
Virginia Madsen
as Louise Marcus
Michael Ironside
as General Katana
John C. McGinley
as David Blake
Allan Rich
as Alan Neyman
Stephen Grives
as Hamlet
Max Berliner
as Charlie
Jacques Arndt
as Scientist 1
Eddie Trucco
as Bartender
Nora Zinsky
as Cabin Attendant
Jeff Altman
as Doctor
Peter Bucossi
as Reno
Phil Brock
as Cabbie
Pete Antico
as Corda
Matt Johnston
as Cobalt Man
Richard Moll
Ted McNabney
as TV Newsperson 1
Max Berlinger
as Usher
Adrian Paul
Peter Bromilow
as Joe
Rusty Schwimmer
as Drunk in Cafe
Eduardo Sapac
as Holt


Russell Mulcahy
Jack Cummins
William N. Panzer
Peter S. Davis
Peter Bellwood
William N. Panzer
Screen Story
Brian Clemens
Screen Story
Brian Clemens
Jamie Thompson
Phil Meheux
Stewart Copeland
Composer (Music Score)
George S. Clinton
Composer (Music Score)
Anthony Redman
Hubert de la Bouillerie
John King
Art Director
Alex Sessa
Robin S. Clarke
Mari Provenzano
Associate Producer
Stephen Kay
Associate Producer
Mario Sotela
Executive Producer
Guy Collins
Executive Producer
Marisa Urruti
Set Designer
Marisa Urruti
Costume Designer
Deborah Everton
Costume Designer
Thomas J. Wright
First Assistant Director
Raymond Austin
First Assistant Director
Joe Camp III
Production Manager
Aron Warner
Production Manager
Gregory Widen
Character(s) created by
Chris Chrisafis
Line Producer
John Richardson
Special Effects Coordinator
Jack Cummins
Line Producer