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High Times' Potluck Details


A veteran mobster discovers the grass is greener on the other side in this broad independent comedy. Frank ([[Performer~P405~Frank Adonis~frankadonis]]) is a 60-year-old Mafia lieutenant who has been entrusted with a suitcase full of high-quality marijuana that has arrived in Manhattan from the Deep South and is ready for sale. Frank, however, happens to make the acquaintance of Jade ([[Performer~P296415~Theo Kogan~theokogan]]), an attractive young woman who sings with a punk-rock band. Jade turns Frank's head, and she, in turn, samples the wares from Frank's suitcase. Jade persuades Frank to try some of the weed, and before long he has a decidedly more forgiving attitude about life and those around him. Frank's new laid-back personality, however, doesn't go over well with his bosses, especially after the stash he was given goes missing and ends up being stolen and re-stolen by a dizzying variety of underground personalities. High Times' Potluck -- which, as the title infers, was produced and financed in part by the well-known marijuana advocacy magazine -- also stars [[Performer~P200477~Jason Mews~jasonmewes]], [[Performer~P27897~Frank Gorshin~frankgorshin]], [[Performer~P49125~Sylvia Miles~sylviamiles]], and [[Performer~P34601~Jason Isaacs~jasonisaacs]]; noted cannabis enthusiasts [[Performer~P84938~Tommy Chong~tommychong]] and [[Performer~P55781~David Peel~davidpeel]] also make cameo appearances. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:October 17, 2003


Ivan Martin
as Jim
Jackie Martling
as Mercury
Joe Rigano
as Rigano
Leif Riddell
as Ryan
Nick Iacovino
as Mickey
Theo Kogan
as Jade
Victor Colicchio
as Vic
Vinny Vella
as Vinny
Jason Isaacs
as Arneau
Jason Mewes
as Guy
Sylvia Miles
as Ma
Willie Nelson
as Himself
Frank Gorshin
as The Slim Man
Tommy Chong
as Hippie
Dan Lauria
as Carmine
Kim Chan
as Saki
David Peel
as Himself
Charles Malik Whitfield
as Malik
Bryant Carroll
as Jack
Cameron Douglas
Erik Van Wyck
as The Young Slim Man
Frank Adonis
as Frank


Alison Thompson
Nick Iacovino
Victor Colicchio