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Two high school students offer a behind-the-scenes look at the eccentricities of their peers in this offbeat independent comedy. Nicholas (Nicholas Gitomer) attends a high school for arts students in California, and for a special senior year project he's decided to make a documentary about his classmates with the help of his friend Susan (Susan Estrada). Nicholas's film primarily focuses on six students who attend an acting class that's been retitled "Comedy for World Peace" by bubble-headed teacher Ms. Farewell (Becky Stark). Caleb (Dean Spunt) is a would-be performance artist with a history of bad hair decisions who is working on a children's television show about nutrition in outer space. Caleb is dating Sabrina (Jenna Thornhill), who likes having sex with him but isn't very interested in going out on dates. Sabrina also has her eye on Eddie (Bobby Sandoval), an aspiring race car driver and ladies' man who is having an affair with Ms. Farewell. Erin (Jennifer Clavin) is pretty, popular and willing to give advice to other girls about fashion and dating, whether they want it or not. And Tomes (Maneesh Madahar) is a burly but awkward kid in the market for a girlfriend who is attracted to slacker Amy (Jessie Clavin). Director Ben Wolfinsohn primarily cast High School Record with musicians from noted indie-rock bands; Dean Spunt plays drums with No Age, Jenna Thornhill, Jennifer Clavin and Jessie Clavin are members of Mika Miko, and Becky Stark is the lead singer for Lavender Diamond. The film also features Mike Watt of the Minutemen in a small but memorable role as Sabrina's ailing father. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Bobby Sandoval
as Eddie
Susan Estrada
as Susan
Nicholas Gitomer
as Nick
Becky Stark
as Ms. Farewell
Mike Watt
as Sabrina's Father
Jim Smith
as The Cop


Ben Wolfinsohn
Ben Wolfinsohn
Imelda Garces
Ben Wolfinsohn
Ben Wolfinsohn
Ben Wolfinsohn
Debby Wolfinsohn
Bret Berg
Samuel Casebolt
Art Director
Justin Bates
Sound/Sound Designer