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The Hidden Details


A cop discovers that there's something unusual about his new partner in this unusual sci-fi thriller. A seemingly well-mannered stock broker one day snaps, robbing a bank, stealing a Ferrari, and driving straight into a police barricade without any thought for his own safety, and he's mowed down by a hail of bullets. The detective assigned to the case, Tom Beck (Michael Nouri), thinks that he notices a strange look in the eye of the thief, but when FBI agent Lloyd Gallagher (Kyle MacLachlan) informs Tom that he's also been assigned to the case, he thinks that he sees the same curious look in Lloyd's eyes as well. Lloyd also has an odd way of carrying himself, as if he's not entirely in control of his own body, and in time, Tom discovers what the two men have in common -- both are actually aliens from another planet. They are creatures from another world capable of entering a human (or animal) body at will and using it as a vessel as long as they need. When the stockbroker died, the rogue alien simply crept into another body to begin his crime spree all over again. Lloyd has been sent to Earth to bring the thief's reign of terror to a halt and has taken over the body of an FBI agent with that in mind. A major cult favorite, The Hidden also features Clu Gulager, Ed O'Ross, and Claudia Christian. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:October 30, 1987


Michael Nouri
as Tom Beck
Kyle MacLachlan
as Lloyd Gallagher
Ed O'Ross
as Cliff Willis
Clu Gulager
as Ed Flynn
Claudia Christian
as Brenda Lee
Clarence Felder
as John Masterson
William Boyett
as Jonathan Miller
Richard Brooks
as Sanchez
Larry Cedar
as Drew
John McCann
as Senator Holt
Chris Mulkey
as Jack Devries
Ted White
as Agent Fowler
Mary Petrie
as TV Reporter
Jack McGee
as Bartender
Branscombe Richmond
as Roberts
Lew Hopson
as Jail Escort
Joey Aresco
as Woodfield
Steve Eastin
as Agent Stadt
Jason Edwards
as Adler
Deke Anderson
as Roadblock Cop
Joe Whipp
as Dr. Rogers
Rick Diamond
as Paramedic
Charlie Skeen
as Agent Graves
Richard Whitaker
as Plainclothesman
Rick Lieberman
as Dr. Glass
Duane Davis
as Eddie
Jeff Levine
as Drunk's Friend
Judy Kerr
as Waitress
Michael Yama
as Sketch Artist
James Luisi
as Ferrari Salesman
Katherine Cannon
as Barbara Beck
Frank Renzulli
as Michael Buckley
Joey Sagal
as Drunk
Wren T. Brown
as Patrolman
Lin Shaye
as Carol Miller
Danny Trejo
as Prisoner
Joe Perce
as Coroner
Robert Brown
as Agent Bach
Whitney Reis
as Liz
Loren Haynes
as Cop with Aspirin
Alan Marcus
as Cop in Hotel
Mark Phelan
as Fielding
Buckley Norris
as Reporter
Doug Collins
as Agent Sardi


Jack Sholder
Robert Shaye
Gerald T. Olson
Michael Meltzer
Mick Strawn
Bob Hunt
M. James Kouf Jr.
Jacques Haitkin
Michael Convertino
Composer (Music Score)
Michael Knue
Mick Strawn
Production Designer
Denny Harris
Executive Producer
Malissa Daniel
Costume Designer
Greg P. Russell
Sound/Sound Designer