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The Swedish-language picture Torment (AKA Hets, 1944) marked one of the first credited screenwriting efforts of the then 26-year-old scenarist Ingmar Bergman, and one of the broadest international successes of the gifted Swedish director Alf Sjöberg; it also launched the onscreen efforts of two young Scandinavian actors, Alf Kjellin and Mai Zetterling. This tragic drama concerns the ill-fated romance between student Jan-Erik Widgren (Kjellin) and Bertha Olsson (Zetterling), a slightly older, alcoholic widow who works at a tobacco store, and whom Jan-Erik meets when he discovers her unconscious in the street. The premise of the film finds Jan-Erik struggling valiantly to maintain his ongoing sexual affair with Bertha, while grappling, on the side, with the machinations of a sadistic and abusive professor, Caligula (Stig Jarrel. Events take an ugly turn when Jan-Erik discovers that Bertha is actually Caligula's lover - setting the stage for tragedy on the night of her booze-soaked orgy with the old man. Ultimately, both lovers are relentlessly victimized by the professor's doings. The cast also includes: Olof Winnerstrand, Hugo Bjorne, Stig Olin, Olav Riego, Marta Arbin and Nils Dahlgren. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi


Alf Kjellin
as Jan-Erik Widgren
Mai Zetterling
as Bertha Olsson
Olof Winnerstrand
as Headmaster
Olav Riego
as Mr. Widgren
Marta Arbin
as Mrs. Widgren
Sten Gester
as Student
Gunnar Björnstrand
as Younger doctor
Palle Granditsky
as Student
Sten Gester
as Student
Gunnar Björnstrand
as Younger doctor


Victor Sjöström
Ingmar Bergman
Martin Bodin
Oscar Rosander
Arne Akermark
Art Director