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The Heroes of Telemark Details


In this tale of espionage and adventure set during World War II, Norway has fallen under Nazi occupation, and a factory is producing "heavy water" (a key ingredient in the manufacture of atomic weapons), under the order of the German military. Knut Straud (Richard Harris), a leading figure in the Norwegian underground, joins forces with scientist Dr. Rolf Pederson (Kirk Douglas), who is working with British intelligence agents to destroy the factory in hopes of keeping the Atomic Bomb out of Axis hands. However, while originally Straud and Pederson are only supposed to infiltrate the factory as a reconnaissance force while awaiting British troops, the English army is forced to retreat from their plans, leaving the Norwegians to destroy the factory and scuttle a shipment of the "heavy water" all by themselves. Inspired by a true story, The Heroes of Telemark also features Michael Redgrave and Anton Diffring. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Kirk Douglas
as Dr. Rolf Pederson
Richard Harris
as Knut Straud
Ulla Jacobsson
as Anna
Michael Redgrave
as Uncle
Anton Diffring
as Maj. Frick
Eric Porter
as Terboven
Mervyn Johns
as Col. Wilkinson
Jennifer Hilary
as Sigrid
Roy Dotrice
as Jensen, the Mysterious
Barry Jones
as Prof. Logan
Ralph Michael
as Nilssen
Maurice Denham
as Doctor at Hospital
Robert Ayres
as Gen. Courts
William Marlowe
as Claus
Karel Stepanek
as Hartmuller
Elvi Hale
as Mrs. Sandersen
Gerard Heinz
as Ernardt
George Murcell
as Sturmfuhrer
Russell Waters
as Mr. Sandersen
Annette Andre
as Girl Student
Alan Howard
as Oli
Philo Hauser
as Businessman
Jan Conrad
as Watchman in Factory
Pamela Conway
as Girl in Darkroom
Howard Douglas
as Galtesund Passenger
Sebastian Breaks
as Gunnar
Joe Powell
as Quislings
Paul Hansard
as German Official
Grace Arnold
John Golightly
as Freddy
Terry Plummer
Brook Williams
as Elinar
Alf Joint
as German Guard on Ferry
Geoffrey Keen
as Gen. Bolt
Victor Beaumont
as German Sergeant
Faith Brook
as Woman on Bus
Wolf Frees
as Knippelberg


Anthony Mann
Ivan Moffat
Ben Barzman
Robert Krasker
Malcolm Arnold
Composer (Music Score)
Bert Bates
Tony Masters
Art Director
Ted Clements
Set Designer
Robert Cartwright
Set Designer
Elsa Fennell
Costume Designer
Bill Warrington
Special Effects
John P. Fulton
Special Effects
Syd Pearson
Special Effects
Ron Ballanger
Special Effects
Gerry Crampton
Maude Spector
Neville Smallwood