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Her Adventurous Night Details


Teenaged Junior (Scotty Beckett) gets into trouble when he tries to bring a gun to school. To explain why he's packing a rod, Beckett fabricates a story involving his parents Bill (Dennis O'Keefe) and Constance (Helen Walker). To hear Junior tell it, once upon a time Bill was a telephone lineman who made the chance acquaintance of the eloping Constance. Both parties were forcibly detained by fleeing criminal Carter (Tom Powers), who shepherded hero and heroine to the home of Petrucie (Charles Judels). Here Bill overpowered Carter, winning Constance's love in the process. His tale told, Junior explains that he's carrying a gun to arrest his principal-who happens to be Carter! As a result of the boy's prevarications, his parents and the principal end up in jail, but are rescued when Junior solves the 15-year-old mystery that prompted his incredible tale. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Dennis O'Keefe
as Bill
Tom Powers
as Carter
Fuzzy Knight
as Cudgeons
Charles Judels
as Petrucie
Scotty Beckett
as Junior
Bennie Bartlett
as Horace
Milburn Stone
as 1st Cop
Betty Compson
as Miss Spencer
Peggy Webber
as Miss Howard
Ralph Brooks
as 2nd Neighbor
George Eldredge
as Police Radio Announcer
Jerry Wald
as Radio Announcer
Herb Vigran
as 2nd Cop
Jack Kirk
as 1st Neighbor
Joseph Granby
as Mr. Gittler
Lee Phelps
as 3rd Cop


John Rawlins
Hans Salter
Composer (Music Score)
Hans Salter
Musical Direction/Supervision
Jack Otterson
Art Director