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Hennessy Details


Actor Richard Johnson wrote the original story for this taut suspense drama that stars Rod Steiger as Niall Hennessy, a man who plans to blow up the British Parliament in retaliation for the accidental death of his family in Belfast. Johnson plays Scotland Yard-inspector Hollis, an expert in the struggles of Ireland, who under Commander Rice (Trevor Howard) attempts to locate Hennessy. Hennessy has journeyed to London with a plan to substitute himself for MP Burgess (Hugh Moxey) and, wiring himself up as a human bomb, to destroy the British power structure. In a twist, IRA leader Tobin (Eric Porter), realizing that the explosion will lead to more British repression on Northern Ireland, also travels to London to try to kill Hennessy before he can explode his bomb. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi


Rod Steiger
as Hennessy
Lee Remick
as Kate Brooke
Richard Johnson
as Inspector Hollis
Trevor Howard
as Commander Rice
Eric Porter
as IRA Leader Tobin
Peter Egan
as Williams
Ian Hogg
as Gerry
Stanley Lebor
as Hawk
John Hallam
as Boyle
Patrick Stewart
as Tilney
David Collings
as Covey
John Shrapnel
as Tipaldi
Oliver Maguire
as Mick
Margery Mason
as Housekeeper
Hugh Moxey
as Burgess M.P.
Oliver Maguire
as Mick
Margery Mason
as Housekeeper


Don Sharp
Samuel Z. Arkoff
John Gay
Eric Boyd-Perkins
Ray Simm
Production Designer
Bert Davey
Art Director
Simon Wakefield
Set Designer
Leslie Hammond
Sound/Sound Designer
Barry Langley
First Assistant Director
Gerry Crampton
Gerry Crampton