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Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth Details


A sleazy nightclub owner purchases a strange, disturbing sculpture, which he soon discovers contains a mysterious, ornate puzzle box. This box is a legendary object that promises the secrets of ultimate pain and pleasure, but is in fact a gateway to hell. Soon the box's new owner has unleashed the evil Pinhead, a member of a race of supernatural beings known as Cenobites. Pinhead proceeds to murder numerous clubgoers in an attempt to gain power and fully free himself into the earthly realm. He faces unexpected opposition, however, from a television reporter investigating the mysterious club murders. When she discovers the truth behind the enigmatic puzzle box, she realizes that only she can stop the carnage. However, she must not only defeat Pinhead, but his fellow Cenobites, including the barbed-wire-wrapped Barbie and the horrific CD-Head. (Yes, CD-Head does indeed kill people by shooting CDs from his head.) Though this third entry in the series pays lip service to the intricate mythology of the first two films, especially through a series of flashbacks to Pinhead's human past, the film soon reverts to a fairly standard slasher formula. ~ Judd Blaise, Rovi

  • Release date:September 11, 1992


Terry Farrell
as Joey Summerskill
Doug Bradley
as Pinhead
Doug Bradley
as Elliott
Paula Marshall
as Terri
Kevin Bernhardt
as J.P. Monroe
Ashley Laurence
as Kirsty
Peter Boynton
as Joey's Father
Aimee Leigh
as Sandy
Lawrence Mortorff
as Bum
Anthony Hickox
as Soldier 2
David Young
as Bill the Bouncer
John Bush
as "Armored Saint"
Peter Atkins
as Rick the Barman


Anthony Hickox
Clive Barker
Lawrence Mortorff
Clive Barker
Book Author
Peter Atkins
Gerry Lively
Xavier Dubois
Musical Direction/Supervision
Christopher Cibelli
Steve Hardie
Production Designer
Christopher Figg
David Koneff
Set Designer
Leonard Pollack
Costume Designer
Bob Keen
Special Effects
Phil Smoot
Production Manager