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Hell Asylum Details


Initially conceived as a sequel to David DeCoteau's amusing David DeCoteau (2000), this straight-to-video horror film was written by minor cult actor Trent Haaga. The story line posits a new reality-based television series along the lines of Fear Factor in which five attractive models must spend the night in a haunted asylum for a million-dollar prize. There's a greedy producer who sets booby-traps for the girls along the way, not knowing that there is a real presence in the hospital -- the ghost of an evil millionaire who had kidnapped several young women years before, hoping to force them to marry him. The contestants make confessions to the cameras strategically placed within, only to have their deepest fears used against them by the malevolent ghost. Joe Estevez shows up as well, adding a small bit of name value to a cast including Debra Mayer, Tanya Dempsey, and Stacey Scowley. This was one of several collaborations between B-movie moguls J.R. Bookwalter and Charles Band, concluding with Charles Band the same year. ~ Robert Firsching, Rovi


Tanya Dempsey
as Ambrosia Bradford
Joe Estevez
as Investor
Stacey Scowley
as Stacy Butler


Danny Draven
Trent Haaga