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An alienated fellow enters into a sinister pact that threatens to push him into psychopathic territory in this brutal neo-Faustian thriller from U.K. director Philip Ridley. Jim Sturgess (Jim Sturgess) stars as Jamie, a thirtysomething photographer buckling beneath the weight of a stigma: a huge, red, heart-shaped birthmark that masks one half of his face, and has turned him into a social pariah. He inhabits the East End of London, currently racked by crisis -- bands of thugs who rove throughout the streets, spreading violence and terror among the citizenry. As Jamie soon discovers, however, these aren't ordinary hooligans wearing demon masks, but actual demons. The young man packs heat and then considers going to the authorities, but before he can do so, the monsters turn up, attack him, and murder his mother. Then, one of their leaders, Papa B. (Joseph Mawle), approaches Jamie to make a deal: permanent removal of the birthmark in exchange for the performance of some evil deeds. Jamie consents, but has no idea just how vile and cruel those tasks are until he has already signed up. At the time of its release, Heartless was the first feature from Ridley since his 1995 outing Ridley. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi

  • Release date:November 19, 2010


Philip Ridley
Richard Raymond
Pippa Cross
Philip Ridley
Nick Bicat
Marc Marot
Musical Direction/Supervision
David Julyan
Composer (Music Score)
Chris Gill
Paul Knight
Ricky Eyres
Production Designer
Andrew Fingret
Marc Samuelson
Executive Producer
Charlotte Walls
Executive Producer
Nigel Thomas
Executive Producer
Steve Christian
Executive Producer
Steve Norris
Executive Producer
Jo Thompson
Costume Designer
Manuel Puro
Casting Director
Jeremy Zimmerman
Casting Director
Jacqueline Fowler
Hair Styles
Jacqueline Fowler
Christian Manz
Visual Effects Supervisor