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Heart Condition Details


Jack Moony (Bob Hoskins) is a vice detective, but he is also an intense and crazed, racist lout. Jack has had a brief fling with a hooker named Crystal (Chloe Webb), but Crystal left him for Napoleon Stone (Denzel Washington), a suave, handsome, cosmopolitan lawyer, who becomes the object of Jack's rage, not simply because he has stolen his girl but also because he is black. Jack, who lives on cheeseburgers, beer, and whiskey, has a heart attack. This occurs the same night that Stone is killed in an un-accidental car crash. Thanks to a quick organ transplant, Jake ends up with Stone's heart. But to Jack's horror, he discovers the ghost of the lawyer has returned to earth to follow Jack around -- offering Jack nutritional advise, giving him tips on solving his murder, and suggestions on how to get back together with Crystal. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

  • Release date:February 2, 1990


Bob Hoskins
as Jack Moony
Denzel Washington
as Napoleon Stone
Chloe Webb
as Crystal Gerrity
Roger E. Mosley
as Capt. Wendt
Ja'net DuBois
as Mrs. Stone
Alan Rachins
as Dr. Posner
Jeffrey Meek
as Graham
Kieran Mulroney
as Dillnick
Rick Marzan
as Irate Cop
Bobby Bass
as Armed Man
Greg Barnett
as Armed Man
Phyllis Hamlin
as TV Announcer
Jeff MacGregor
as Dating Game Host
John Walker
as Cops in Precinct
Theresa Randle
as Ciao Chow Club Maitre D'
Monte Landis
as Beverly Palm Hotel Waiter
Diane Civita
as Terri Rinselle
Johnny Johnston
as Resident
Robert Apisa
as Teller
Leontine Guilliard
as Duty Nurse
Mary Catherine Wright
as Nurse
George Kyle
as Dancing Cop
Clayton Landey
as Dr. Posner's Assistant
Ron Taylor
as Bubba
Chick Hearn
as Himself
Ray Baker
as Harry Zara
Eva La Rue
as Peisha
Mark Lowenthal
as Ciao Chow Club Waiter
Thomas Huff
as Armed Man
Dean Wein
as Armed Man
Julie Silverman
as Staff Member
Bill Applebaum
as Dancing Cop


James D. Parriott
Marie Cantin
Robert Shaye
Steve Tisch
Bernie Goldmann
James D. Parriott
Arthur Albert
Bonnie Raitt
Patrick Leonard
Composer (Music Score)
David Finfer
John Muto
Production Designer
Dan Webster
Production Designer
Louise Frogley
Costume Designer
Jim Halty