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With a script that is too anemic for the red-blooded actors featured here, this anorexic comedy moves slowly up and down the corporate ladder with the fortunes and misfortunes of several company men. Jack Issel ([[Performer~P107897~Judge Reinhold~judgereinhold]]) gets a VIP position at INC in the PR department (business-speak). Suddenly the corporation's shady activities come to the fore -- especially when a U.S. plant is set to close for a move south of the border where labor is almost free. Enmeshed in these tangles, Jack is hardly prepared to fall in love with the leading activist against the plant closing -- but he does. Meanwhile, a lot of other subplots quickly dispose of potentially budding villains like Stedman ([[Performer~P17602~Danny DeVito~dannydevito]]) the inside trader -- too bad. DeVito and [[Performer~P97444~Don King~donking]] (appearing as himself) would have made a great team. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi

  • Release date:January 3, 1986


Judge Reinhold
as Jack Issel
Eddie Albert
as Helmes
Jane Seymour
as Jane
Rick Moranis
as Gross
Don King
as Himself
Danny DeVito
as Stedman
Don Novello
as Sal
Lori-Nan Engler
as Rachael Helmes
Wallace Shawn
as Hoover
Richard Masur
as Max Landsberger
Phillip Borsos
as General Sepulveda
Shawn Thompson
as Trevor Koback
Eric Young
as Senate Investigation Reporter
Carolyn Dunn
as Yonge's Secretary
Denis Forest
as Rich
Diane Robin
as Gross's Secretary
Don McManus
as Albert
Elizabeth Shepherd
as Mrs. Issel
Eric Keenleyside
as Whale Protestor
Francine Volker
as Whale Protestor
George Coe
as Sen. Issel
Louis di Bianco
as Workman
Marvin Karon
as Art
Maxine Miller
as Stedman's Secretary
Merritt Butrick
as John Hudson
Mike McManus
as Branch Kipp
Myra Fried
as Woman Protestor
Myron Natwick
as TV Anchorman
Nancy Cser
as Dantley's Secretary
Ralph Small
as Security Monitor
Robin Menken
as Marge
Barry Thomson
as Security Guard
Tex Konig
as Whale Protestor
Theresa Tova
as Woman Protestor
Billy Curtis
as Rev. Lynch
Brian Doyle-Murray
as Col. Tolliver
Howard Busgang
as Medic
Hrant Alianak
as President Sanchez
John Kapelos
as Gen. Sepulveda
Kathy Lasky
as Miss Kline
Laura Press
as V.P. Secretary
Lee Broker
as Mover
Jeremiah S. Chechik
as Hysterical Man
Michael O'Donoghue
as Dantley
Tom Butler
as Security Monitor
Bruce Wagner
as Kennedy
Richard Comar
as TV Reporter
Ronald C. Frazier
as Nixon
William B. Davis
as Dean
Dominic Cuzzocrea
as Reporter No. 1
Ron James
as Mark Rabinovich
Megan Smith
as Woman Protestor
Annie McAuley
as Max's Girl
Derek Keurvost
as Fund Raiser


Ken Finkleman
Debra Hill
Ken Finkleman
James Newton Howard
Composer (Music Score)
Andy Prieboy
Bruce Witkin
Alan Howarth
Garrett O'Connor
Bob Lederman
Gavin Mitchell
Art Director
Jon Peters
Executive Producer
Peter Guber
Executive Producer
Judith R. Gellman
Costume Designer