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The Monkees -- Micky Dolenz, Mike Nesmith, Davy Jones and Peter Tork -- didn't really enjoy being labelled the Prefab Four back when their TV series was all the rage in 1966. With the help and support of Bob Rafaelson (co-producer, co-writer and director) and Jack Nicholson (co-producer, co-writer, and, if you look closely, bit player), the Monkees expressed their displeasure over being packaged for popular consumption in the non sequitur masterpiece Monkees. At least, it seems that the film is an indictment of the merchandising of pop stars. It's hard to tell at times, because Monkees literally has no plot; it is instead a patchwork of loopy sight gags, instant parodies, "camp" cutups, musical numbers and wry inside jokes. Clips of such old movies as the 1934 Karloff-Lugosi epic Monkees pop up every so often, as does an impressive lineup of pop-culture icons: Victor Mature, Annette Funicello, Sonny Liston, Frank Zappa (he's the one leading a cow) and Ray Nitschke, as well as such movie-trivia "answers" as Timothy Carey, Vito Scotti, Teri Garr, Percy Helton, Logan Ramsey, Carol Doda, and pre-Divine cross-dresser T.C. Jones. The best bits include a lengthy T.C. Jones parody which does double duty as a lampoon of the network's efforts to create "personalities" for the individual Monkees, and a psychedelic buck-and-wing performed by Davy Jones. One gag, in which Micky Dolenz blows up a Coca Cola machine, is usually excised from TV showings. Monkees did zero business when it first came out thanks to poor distribution, but it has since become a fixture of midnight-movie showings and campus cinema classes. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:November 6, 1968


Peter Tork
as Himself
Davy Jones
as Himself
Micky Dolenz
as Himself
Michael Nesmith
as Himself
Annette Funicello
as Minnie
Abraham Sofaer
as Swami
Vito Scotti
as I. Vitteloni
Charles Macaulay
as Inspector Shrink
Charles Irving
as Mayor Feedback
William Bagdad
as Black Sheik
Percy Helton
as Heraldic Messenger
Sonny Liston
as Extra
Ray Nitschke
as Private One
Carol Doda
as Sally Silicone
Frank Zappa
as The Critic
June Fairchild
as The Jumper
Teri Garr
as Testy True
The Monkees
Timothy Carey
as Lord High `n' Low
Victor Mature
as Big Victor
Dennis Hopper
Logan Ramsey
as Officer Faye Lapid
Bob Rafelson
Jack Nicholson


Bob Rafelson
Bob Rafelson
Jack Nicholson
Jack Nicholson
Bob Rafelson
Michel Hugo
Carole King
Composer (Music Score)
Gerry Goffin
Composer (Music Score)
Ken Thorne
Composer (Music Score)
Monte Hellman
Mike Pozen
Bert Schneider
Executive Producer
Ned Parsons
Set Designer
Gene Ashman
Costume Designer
Les Fresholtz
Sound/Sound Designer
Burton Gershfield
Special Effects
Charles Gaspar
Special Effects
Chuck Gasper
Special Effects
Toni Basil