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Having Wonderful Time Details


Based upon Arthur Kober's play (which was subsequently musicalized onstage as Wish You Were Here, Having Wonderful Time stars Ginger Rogers as Teddy Shaw, a typist who goes to a summer camp for a little rest and relaxation. She's also getting away from Emil (Jack Carson), whose interest in Teddy is no longer returned. Arriving at Camp Kare-Free, she's offered a ride by Chick (Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.), who works at the camp as a waiter. Unfortunately, they get off to a bumpy start when Chick spills her suitcase and an argument ensues. Once at camp, she makes friends with Fay (Peggy Conklin), Miriam (Lucille Ball) and Henrietta(Eve Arden). Chick apologizes to Teddy, and over the next six days their relationship blossoms, concurrently with that of Miriam and another guest, Buzzy. However, when Chick makes an improper advance during her last night at the camp, Teddy gets angry and leaves him. She dances with Buzzy to make Chick jealous and makes sure she is seen entering Buzzy's cabin. She takes steps to see that nothing happens and leaves unscathed the next morning, but not before causing trouble between Buzzy and Miriam. Emil has arrived and plans to bring her home after breakfast. While they are eating, Emil proposes to Teddy. Both Chick and Miriam overhear this proposal, after which Miriam loudly comments that Teddy stayed overnight with Buzzy. In the ensuing confusion, Chick decks both Buzzy and Emil, and offers his own proposal to Teddy – which she happily accepts. ~ Craig Butler, Rovi


Ginger Rogers
as Teddy Shaw
Lucille Ball
as Miriam
Lee Bowman
as Buzzy Armbuster
Eve Arden
as Henrietta
Dorothea Kent
as Maxine
Donald Meek
as P.U. Rogers
Jack Carson
as Emil Beatty
Clarence H. Wilson
as Mr. G.
Grady Sutton
as Gus
Dorothy Tree
as Frances
Leona Roberts
as Mrs. Shaw
Harlan Briggs
as Mr. Shaw
Inez Courtney
as Emma
Juanita Quigley
as Mabel
Wesley Barry
William Corson
Dorothy Day
Frances Gifford
Etienne Girardot
Russell Gleason
Florence Lake
Margaret McWade
Dorothy Moore
Margaret Seddon
Red Skelton
as Itchy Faulkner
Kay Sutton
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
as Chick Kirkland
Ann Miller
as Bit Part
Dean Jagger
as Charlie
Hooper Atchley
as Subway rider
George Meeker
as Subway Masher
Allan Lane
as Mac
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
as Chick Kirkland
Red Skelton
as Itchy Faulkner
Hooper Atchley
as Subway rider
George Meeker
as Subway Masher
Ann Miller
as Bit Part
Dean Jagger
as Charlie


Alfred Santell
Pandro S. Berman
Arthur Kober
Arthur Kober
Play Author
Robert de Grasse
Roy Webb
Musical Direction/Supervision
Roy Webb
Composer (Music Score)
Van Nest Polglase
Art Director
Darrell Silvera
Set Designer
Costume Designer
Vernon Walker
Special Effects
Mel Burns