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Havana Details


A cynical gambler reluctantly comes to the aid of a mysterious beauty in this interpolation of and the real-life Cuban revolution. Big-stakes American gambler Jack Weil (Robert Redford) is comfortable in the anything-goes Havana of 1958. But with Fidel Castro out in the wilderness broadcasting revolutionary messages, it seems the good times may be on the way out. On a boat back to the island nation from the U.S. mainland, Weil agrees to help beautiful Bobby Duran (Lena Olin) smuggle in some contraband by trading vehicles with her on their way through the checkpoint. He's amused to discover not jewelry, but radio transmitters squirreled away in her car. Eventually, he learns that she's the European wife of monied Cuban communist Arturo Duran (Raul Julia), who believes his class and status will protect him from the ruling party. When that assumption turns out to be false, Jack finds himself sucked in by the plight of the suddenly widowed Bobby, who remains committed to her dangerous ideals. Risking his cushy lifestyle to protect Bobby from the coming tumult -- and from herself -- Jack must grapple with the dictates of his newfound conscience. With a supporting cast that includes Alan Arkin and Tomas Milian, Havana reunited director Sydney Pollack with Redford and David Rayfiel, star and co-screenwriter of David Rayfiel. Rayfiel has also worked on a number of Pollack pictures, stretching from 1969's Pollack to 1995's remake of Pollack. ~ Brian J. Dillard, Rovi

  • Release date:December 12, 1990


Awarded by
Hollywood Foreign Press Association Dave Grusin Best Original Score 1990 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Dave Grusin Best Score 1990 Nominee


Robert Redford
as Jack Weil
Lena Olin
as Bobby Duran
Alan Arkin
as Joe Volpi
Tomas Milian
as Menocal
Raul Julia
as Arturo Duran
Daniel Davis
as Marion Chigwell
Mark Rydell
as Meyer Lansky
Tony Plana
as Julio Ramos
Betsy Brantley
as Diane
Lise Cutter
as Patty
Richard Farnsworth
as Professor
Vasek Simek
as Willy
Fred Asparagus
as Baby Hernandez
Richard Portnow
as Mike MacClaney
Dion Anderson
as Roy Forbes
Carmine Caridi
as Capt. Potts
James Medina
as Corporal
Adriano Gonzalez
as Rebel Captain
Miguel Bucarelly
as Gomez
Salvadore Levy
as Menocal's Lieutenant
Raul Rosado
as Roadblock Sergeant
Karen Russell
as Dancer
Segundo Tarrau
as Ricardo
Carlos Miranda
as Inspector #1
Pepito Guerra
as Floridita Manager
Joe Lala
as Cuban Businessman
Sharon Velez
as Stripper #2
Victor Rivers
as Young Cuban #1
David Gibson
as Sailor
Bernie Pollack
as Hotel Man
Tera Hendrickson
as Featured
Giovanna Bonnelly
as Monica
Alex Ganster
as Young Cuban
Owen Roizman
as Santos
Anthony Bayarri
as Modest Casino Cuban
Darlene Wynn
as Stripper
Bonita Marco
as Stripper #1
Rene Monclova
as Sim #1
Felix German
as Tomas


Sydney Pollack
David Rayfiel
Judith Rascoe
Paul Schrader
Owen Roizman
Dave Grusin
Composer (Music Score)
William Steinkamp
Frederic Steinkamp
Ronald L. Schwary
Production Designer
Terence Marsh
Production Designer
Michael Seirton
Art Director
Sydney Pollack
Richard A. Roth
Ronald L. Schwary
Executive Producer
Michael Seirton
Set Designer
Bernie Pollack
Costume Designer
Peter Handford
Sound/Sound Designer
Vincent Paterson