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The Haunted Palace Details


is a witches' brew of stories written by Edgar Allan Poe and H. P. Lovecraft--with the fine hand of sinister scenarist Charles Beaumont stirring the pot. Vincent Price plays two roles this time: A New England doctor burned as a sorcerer in 1745, and the dead man's great-grandson of 1855. Arriving in the village where his grandfather was killed, Price and his bride Debra Paget are shunned by the community. They are told that the mutant progeny of the "sorcerer"'s evil experiments are still roaming the countryside--with hulking manservant Lon Chaney Jr. a good example of these monstrosities. The longer he stays in the family mansion, the more Price is taken over by the spirit of his ancestor. The result: The possessed Price, together with Chaney and a warlock assistant, set about to create a mutant race to overtake the world. Concluding with the near-sacrifice of bride Debra Paget and the torching of the mansion, is a marvelous--and economically produced--exercise in Grand Guignol. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Vincent Price
as Charles Dexter Ward
Debra Paget
as Ann Ward
Lon Chaney, Jr.
as Simon Orne
Leo Gordon
as Ezra Weeden
Milton Parsons
as Jabez Hutchinson
Guy Wilkerson
as Leach
I. Stanford Jolley
as Boat Captain
Cathy Merchant
as Hester Tillinghast
Barboura Morris
as Mrs. Weeden
Darlene Lucht
as Young Woman Victim
Harry Ellerbe
as Minister
Bruno Ve Sota
as Bartender
Elisha Cook, Jr.
as Peter Smith
John Dierkes
as Jacob West


Roger Corman
Roger Corman
Charles Beaumont
Floyd D.Crosby
Ronald Stein
Composer (Music Score)
Daniel Haller
Art Director
Harry Reif
Set Designer
H.P. Lovecraft
Short Story Author
Ted Coodley