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Harrison's Flowers Details


French director Elie Chouraqui adapts the novel of the same name into this drama, that, although set in 1991, became tragically topical in the weeks before its release due to the murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. Andie MacDowell stars as Sarah, a photo editor for Newsweek and the happily married wife of Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Harrison Lloyd (David Strathairn). Harrison has been reconsidering his career of covering the world's war zone "hot spots" in order to spend more time with his family, and is accused by his colleague, Kyle (Adrien Brody), of playing it too safe in his risky profession. Harrison elects to accept one more combat assignment to cover the simmering tensions in Croatia, a conflict that quickly erupts into a full-scale, genocidal Civil War. Informed that Harrison is believed to have been killed in the fighting, Sarah refuses to accept her husband's death and becomes convinced that she's seen him, alive, in a news broadcast. She travels to Croatia on a quest to find him, and is eventually aided by Kyle, as well as two of Harrison's other colleagues, Yeager (Elias Koteas) and Stevenson (Brendan Gleeson). The group, armed with cameras instead of weapons, witnesses the horrors and atrocities unfolding in the region, while tracing the elusive path of Harrison, who may well be dead already. Harrison's Flowers was distributed by Universal Focus, the art house division of Universal Pictures that previously released Mulholland Drive (2001) and Billy Elliott (2000). ~ Karl Williams, Rovi

  • Release date:March 15, 2002


Andie MacDowell
as Sarah Lloyd
David Strathairn
as Harrison Lloyd
Elias Koteas
as Yeager Pollack
Adrien Brody
as Kyle Morris
Brendan Gleeson
as Marc Stevenson
Alun Armstrong
as Samuel Brubeck
Caroline Goodall
as Johanna Pollack
Diane Baker
as Mary Francis
Gerard Butler
as Chris Kumac
Marie Trintignant
as Cathy
Christian Charmettant
as Jeff
Quinn Shepherd
as Margaux Lloyd
Bruce Solomon
as Rabbi
Dale Wyatt
as Mistress of Ceremony
Deborah Michaels
as Journalist 3
Dragan Antonic
as Chetnik
Dragan Radivojevic
as Sniper
Gregory Linington
as Journalist 2
Corey Johnson
as Peter Francis
Michael Rogers
as Canadian Cameraman
Joel Kirby
as Michael
Amy Huck
as Cybil
Jessica Horvathova
as HTV Interviewer
Joel Sugarman
as Nelson
Kurt Cramer
as CNN Journalist
Liliana Krstic
as Old Woman
Marie-Beatrice Bernert
as Austrian Woman
Antony Boehm
as Freddy
Mirko Medenica
as Croatian Officer
Nicole Estabrooks
as Journalist 4
Rianne Kooiman
as Newsweek Journalist
Sasa Nikolitch
as Chtiomac
Bela Grushka
as Nina Portnoy
Simon Francis
as Layout Technician
Slobodan Milovanovic
as Base Commander
Zivko Petrov
as Nustar Peasant


Elie Chouraqui
Elie Chouraqui
Albert Cohen
Elie Chouraqui
Didier Le Pêcheur
Nicola Pecorini
Cliff Eidelman
Composer (Music Score)
Jacques Witta
Ailo Auguste
Giantito Burchiellaro
Production Designer
Mimi Lempicka
Costume Designer
Guillaume Sciama
Sound/Sound Designer
Pavel Typolt
First Assistant Director
Petr Hartl
First Assistant Director
Lucie Pascu
First Assistant Director
Yves Debay
Elie Chouraqui
Camera Operator
Stefano Falivene
Camera Operator
Lucas Bielan
Camera Operator
Lucinda Syson
Jessica Horvathova
Sandra Terryn
Ondrej Nerud
Production Manager
Cathy Sandrich
Amanda Mackey-Johnson
Eliane Lacroux
Production Manager
Francois Pulliat
Unit Production Manager
Frantisek Koch
Technical Advisor
Frederique Alexandre
Production Coordinator
Alena Kubalkova
Extra Casting
Danielle Foatelli
Production Accountant
Donatienne De Goros
Script Supervisor
Alexandre Vernerey
Production Coordinator
Patrick Levasseur
Patrick Robert
Still Photographer
Petr Splichal
Unit Production Manager
Sarka Cimbalova
Production Coordinator
Vaclav Hanka
Veronika Gocova
Production Assistant
Jiri Tichacek
Production Accountant
Karine Bensa
Second Assistant Director
Ladislav Nedved
Laurence Henaff
Production Secretary
Lenka Pospisilova
Production Accountant
Luc Delahaye
Still Photographer
Mehdi Mounder
Mercedes Danforth
Casting Assistant
Isabel Ellsen
Still Photographer
Nicolas Goret