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Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man Details


[[Performer~P61810~Mickey Rourke~mickeyrourke]] and [[Performer~P217623~Don Johnson~donjohnson]] star in this buddy-buddy futuristic action movie. Rourke is Harley Davidson, a biker with the Halloween-costume garb of a leather jacket, short haircut, earring, and a scar. Johnson joins Rourke in the trick-or-treating as Marlboro, an ex-rodeo rider wearing a cowboy hat, vest, and dilapidated boots. They hang out at a neighborhood bar. When they find that a collection of greedy bankers want to increase the bar's payments so it will be forced to close, the two decide to help the bar out of its financial straits by robbing the bank of $2.5 million in order to pay the inflated tab and keep the bar in business. Unfortunately for the boys, the bank deals in an illicit drug called "the dream," and when they rob the armored car, they steal the drugs and not the cash. Of course, the boys become the targets for the bank's sadistic squad of hit men, led by a pleasant chap by the name of Alexander ([[Performer~P3518~Daniel Baldwin~danielbaldwin]]). ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

  • Release date:August 23, 1991


Mickey Rourke
as Harley Davidson
Don Johnson
as Marlboro
Chelsea Field
as Virginia Slim
Daniel Baldwin
as Alexander
Tom Sizemore
as Chance Wilder
Kelly Hu
as Suzie
Tia Carrere
as Kimiko
Big John Studd
as Jack Daniels
Bob Tyler
as Stripper
Vanessa Williams
as Lulu Daniels
Mike Fenton
Branscombe Richmond
as Big Indian
Judy Taylor
Sven Ole Thorsen
as David
Debbie Lynn Ross
as Luggage Jockey
Steve Tannen
as Guard
Dennis Scott
as Peter
Sean Hamilton
as Disc Jockey
Hans Howe
as Bartender
James Nardini
as Punk with Gun
Jordan Lund
as Guard
Julius Harris
as Old Man
Marlon Darton
as Arm Wrestler
Michael Valverde
as Luggage Jockey
Michele Laybourn
as Honey
Mitzi Martin
as Woman
Stacey Elliott
as Indian's Girlfriend
Stan Chambers
as Henchman
Stan Ivar
as Jake McAlister
Theresa San-Nicholas
as Hitchhiker
Valorie Massalas
Cody Glenn
as Michael
Eloy Casados
as Jose
Giancarlo Esposito
as Jimmy Jiles
Robert Ginty
as Thom
Billy Lucas
as John


Simon Wincer
Donald West
Jere Henshaw
Don Michael Paul
David Eggby
Basil Poledouris
Composer (Music Score)
Corky Ehlers
Paul Peters
Production Designer
Lisette Thomas
Art Director
Don Michael Paul
Missy Alpern
Associate Producer
Richard Shissler
Costume Designer
Terry Frazee
Special Effects
Billy Burton
Valorie Massalas
Juliet Taylor
Mike Fenton
Howard Brandy
Jay Cannistraci
Ted Chu
Steadicam Assistant