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The Happening Details


director M. Night Shyamalan puts PG-13 suspense on pause to tell this grim apocalyptic tale about a family fleeing a natural disaster that poses a grave threat to the whole of humanity. Philadelphia high-school science teacher Elliot Moore (Mark Wahlberg) is discussing the disappearance of the bees with his students when the staff is summoned to the theater and briefed about a mysterious event that is currently unfolding in New York City. According to reports, citizens in the vicinity of Central Park have suddenly and inexplicably begun seizing up just before killing themselves by whatever means are at their disposal. As the phenomena begins to spread and talk of terrorism fills the airwaves, Elliot, his wife, Alma (Zooey Deschanel), their friend Julian (John Leguizamo), and his daughter, Jess (Ashlyn Sanchez), board a train bound for the presumed safety of the country. When the train screeches to a halt before arriving at its final destination, however, the frightened passengers are forced to fend for themselves as each consecutive news report paints an increasingly grim picture of the situation in more urbanized areas. Theories abound on what could be causing the unexplainable rash of suicides, but the only thing that everyone seems to agree on is that it's some kind of airborne contagion that is carried in the wind. It would appear that humankind's reign on planet Earth has come to an end, but perhaps if this small band of survivors can find a safe place to lie low until this all blows over, all hope for survival of the species might not be lost just yet. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:June 13, 2008


Mark Wahlberg
as Elliot Moore
Zooey Deschanel
as Alma Moore
John Leguizamo
as Julian
Ashlyn Sanchez
as Jess
Betty Buckley
as Mrs. Jones
Spencer Breslin
as Josh
Robert Bailey Jr.
as Jared
Frank Collison
as Nursery Owner
Jeremy Strong
as Private Auster
Alan Ruck
as Principal
Victoria Clark
as Nursery Owner's Wife
M. Night Shyamalan
as Joey
Alison Folland
as Woman Reading on Bench with Hair Pin
Kristen Connolly
as Woman Reading on Bench
Cornell Womack
as Construction Foreman
Curtis L. McClarin
as Construction Crew Member
Robert Lenzi
as Jake
Derege Harding
as Train Conducter
Kerry O'Malley
as Woman On Cell Phone
Shayna Levine
as Teenage Girl in Jeep
Stephane Debac
as French Bicyclist
Cyrille Thouvenin
as French Bicyclist's Friend
Babita Hariani
as Medical Correspondent
Edward James Hyland
as Professor Kendall Wallace
Armand Schultz
as Talk Show Host
Stephen Singer
as Dr. Ross
Sophia Burke
as Student Named Laura
Alex Van Kooy
as Boy in Class
Charlie Saxton
as Student Named Dylan
Kathy Hart
as Vice Principal
Don Castro
as Philadelphia Police Officer
Bill Chemerka
as Taxi Driver
Jan Ellis
as Older Woman with Dog
Whitney Sugarman
as Passenger
Greg Wood
as Passenger at Counter
Peter Appel
as Diner Owner
Eoin O'Shea
as Passenger #1
Michael Quinlan
as Passenger #2
Lyman Chen
as Passenger #3
Brian O'Halloran
as Jeep Driver
Megan Mazaika
as Jeep Passenger #1
Richard Chew
as Keep Passenger #2
Joel de la Fuente
as Realtor
Ashley Brimfield
as Woman in Group
Mara Hobel
as Woman with Hands Over Ears
James "Jimbo" Breen
as Farmhouse Voice
Carmen Bitonti
as Mangled Construction Worker
Brian Anthony Wilson
as Arguing Man in Crowd
Ukee Washington
as Local News Anchor
John Ottavino
as Network News Anchor
Sid Doherty
as Radio News Anchor
Wes Heywood
as Radio Voice
Nancy Sokerka
as Radio Caller Fay
Julia Yorks
as Young Woman Voice on Phone
Bill Shusta
as Radio Newsman
Kirk Penberthy
as Radio Announcer
Alex Craft
as Truck Passenger Boy
Allie Habberstad
as Truck Passenger Girl


M. Night Shyamalan
Barry Mendel
M. Night Shyamalan
Sam Mercer
M. Night Shyamalan
Tak Fujimoto
Zade Rosenthal
James Newton Howard
Composer (Music Score)
Joann Kane
Composer (Music Score)
Conrad Buff
Jeannine Oppewall
Production Designer
Anne Seibel
Art Director
Tony Dunne
Art Director
Jose L. Rodriguez
Deven Khote
John Rusk
Associate Producer
Gary Barber
Executive Producer
Zarina Screwvala
Executive Producer
Ronnie Screwvala
Executive Producer
Betsy Heimann
Costume Designer
Jason Loftus
Douglas Aibel
Diane Heery
Stephanie Holbrook
Juliette Menager
John Rusk
Assistant Director
John Bernard
Line Producer
Brett Acker
Adrienne Greshock
Ric Spencer
Steve Sysko
Hayley Stuppel
Tudor Jones
Assistant Director
Honora Jackson
Morgan Miller